Wi-Fi USB Antenna

Hello friends. The other day I came here is such a thing called Wi-Fi USB antenna. Here in such a box. In a nutshell, this is the same USB Wi-Fi adapter for a computer, only with a directional antenna and wire.


But compared to a conventional USB Wi-Fi module or adapter, this device has significantly increased transmitter power and receiver sensitivity. In addition, the device has an external design and is primarily intended for outdoor use, in an outdoor environment and can easily withstand our frosts, as it has a wide temperature range and a sealed corrosion-resistant housing.

It comes with a bracket for mounting on a wall or other support. The joint is glued with silicone for tightness. The antenna has a 5 meter long cable with a USB plug. The antenna is powered by USB and does not require additional power.

According to the manufacturer, the antenna can have a range of up to 3 kilometers. But again, we mean the connection between devices of the same type at a distance without barriers. It may well be that I did not have the opportunity to check. The results of the work that I received, I was pleased with the purchase. And I can safely assure you that the purchase will not disappoint you either.


A set with Wi-Fi USB antenna comes with a driver and program disk. I personally did not even open it: I connected the antenna to a computer and a netbook, and everywhere the system itself found a driver, the systems were also different. There are ten on the computer, not a netbook - seven. Moreover, no excesses occurred due to built-in Wi-Fi modules. Naturally, if for some reason you have problems installing the software, take the disk and install it. Wi-Fi USB antenna is compatible with all OS Windows 7 / Windows XP / Vista.

I will show you the work on the example of a netbook. Now the built-in Wi-Fi module is working and determines about 3-4 networks. We connect our remote antenna. We see that despite the fact that the antennas are together - this antenna catches an order of magnitude more networks, and even with the best signal, this can be seen by the number of stripes on the reception icon.

And if you put the antenna on the street, but on an elevation, then I feel your whole area will be under control.

Our town is not large, so the Wi-Fi points once or twice and miscalculated. When I went to St. Petersburg and took the antenna with me, the difference in the number of networks was exactly ten times! In the hotel where I lived, 7-8 networks were “caught” on regular Wi-Fi, and I counted 65 on the antenna. I think the result is decent.

The antenna works on the standard 802.11b / g / n, IEEE 802.3 protocol for Wi-Fi networks and communicates with all available networks on all channels of the Wi-Fi range.

The length of the USB cable is 5 meters. If necessary, you can increase the USB extension cable.

If you are going to install the device on the street, I want to recommend that you fix the wire to the bracket in order to prevent water from leaking through the cable during rain from the antenna. I had such a situation when when I arrived home I found a puddle on the window.

Data transfer rate: 150 Mbps. What is enough for any multimedia, surfing or games.

Using a computer and a disk in the kit, you can configure the network not only as a user to receive the Internet, but also make a router or router from your PC.

So to summarize:

Model: LG-N100.

Color: white (milky).

Data transfer rate: 150 Mbps.

WIFI Transmission Protocol: 802.11b / g / n, IEEE 802.3

Package weight: 0.513 kg.

Product size: (LxWxH): 120x120x220 mm

Package Size: (LxWxH): 95x140x230 mm

The kit includes:

• USB Wi-Fi antenna with a cable of 5 meters - 1 pc.,

• Antenna holder - 1 pc.,

• CD with drivers and software - 1 pc.,

• Operation manual (in English) - 1 pc.

I want to add to everything that I took this miracle for 1000 rubles plus or minus. There are also cheaper models, but with shorter cable lengths and shorter range, be careful! Order from trusted sellers.

In this example, I want to say: I personally don’t get into an expression like “it's worth your money”, like you threw the money away, but not in vain, like again ... For me it’s like this: either you are completely satisfied with what you acquired or not!

I bought this antenna and am 100% satisfied, I have no unpleasant precipitation in connection with this purchase.

I have it all) Thanks for watching! If you like it, please like it. All questions are in the comment. Links are in the description below the video. See you again.

Wifi USB antenna - aliexpress

Wifi USB antenna - aliexpress