Box for wedding glasses

The most long-awaited, important, romantic and responsible day in the life of every young couple is a celebration of their marriage. A wedding is generally considered a holiday once and for a lifetime. Therefore, accordingly, everything should go not just beautifully, elegantly and richly, but it is necessary to give all the best to 100%, so that, since you have no one. Important attributes of the wedding are wedding glasses. They can be bought ready-made or beautifully decorated independently. But most importantly, they still need to be carefully carried with them throughout the celebration, and then they should be kept as a whole for the rest of their life together. To preserve them, you can make a wonderful handmade box-casket in which you can store glasses and other wedding accessories.

To make a wedding box, we take:

• 20 by 25 cm four sheets of thick binding cardboard;

• Sintepon 100 sheet;

• Lilac fabric with floral print, Korean 100% cotton;

• Lilac satin ribbon 25 mm wide;

• Picture with a pair of swans;

• Scrapbook paper in mint-lilac color, three sheets measuring 30.5 by 30.5 cm;

• Cut down white heart;

• Cut down turquoise flowers from mother-of-pearl cardboard;

• White fabric flowers;

• Brads with purple pebbles;

• Chipboard registered “Sergey and Irina”;

• White paper roses, lilac and purple;

• Hole puncher;

• Pendant metal pair of hearts;

• Large metal corners;

• Corners transparent for a photo;

• White cardboard;

• Sheet of watercolor paper A1 format;

• Brads purple metal;

• Hydrangea flowers light lilac 2.5 cm;

• Glue stick;

• Double-sided tape;

• Purple lace with elastic;

• Pencil, ruler, adhesive with the effect of adhesive tape;

• Scissors, lighter.

We take sheets of cardboard 20 by 25 cm, cut another 8 by 25 cm, and also cut two strips of cardboard 4 by 25 cm.

We spread bookbinding parts tightly together and glue them into one single blank with a glue stick. We smear the strips of cardboard and glue it to the joints and smooth it well. Now we draw scoring lines with scissors so that the base folds.

We turn over the workpiece and glue it with strips of adhesive tape on both sides, glue the synthetic winterizer.

Now cut the fabric over the entire workpiece with stocks on all sides to tuck. Also cut two strips of tape.

We iron the fabric and ribbons under the park, put the fabric face down, put the blank cover on it and spread the corners with glue stick.

We wrap and fix the corners smoothly and beautifully first, and then all sides. Glue strips of tape in the middle.

Fold and try on paper, a picture and cutting down on the cover. We sew a rectangle, then we glue a heart on it, and on top of the heart we sew a picture with swans.

We fasten the flowers, the pendant with the help of brads. Now cut the base of the box from watercolor paper. Divide from two sides into parts 7 by 8 by 19.5 by 8 by 7 by 7 cm, and by the other two by 7 by 8 by 24.5 by 8 by 7 cm. Draw lines of bends, cut excess corners and add the base from watercolor.

Now, for the hardness of the casket, we need to glue binding strips on three ribs. We cut 7.5 by 19 cm two strips and one 7.5 by 24 cm. We glue them from the inside onto double-sided tape, and from the outside we flash it. Inside the workpiece we glue the scrapbook rectangle 19 by 24 cm.

Sew on the rectangle itself.

Now collect and glue the box. Now we need to glue this box into the cover. We close the box and put something not very heavy so that the glue grabs well. Inside the box, we also glue the stripes of scrapbook paper.

Now we glue the personalized chipboard, as well as leaflets and flowers.

The box is ready, put the glasses and other small things in it. Thank you for your attention. Good luck to everyone and see you soon!