How to make a Christmas tree toy

On the eve of the New Year's holiday on the shelves of shops is a lot of Christmas toys and decorations. But, perhaps, a DIY toy for a Christmas tree is more pleasing to the eye. Let's try to make a spinning bomb on a Christmas tree.

We will need:

  • Needle.

  • Thread.

  • Double-sided colored paper in 2 colors:

    - white

    - yellow.

  • Scissors.

  • Glue stick.

Manufacturing steps:

1. From white and yellow paper, cut identical strips about 10 centimeters long and 1 centimeter wide.

2. From yellow paper, cut out two circles with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters.

3. Fold the strips in a stack, alternating colors, and fasten them with a needle and thread from one end. Fold in half the entire stack of strips. Glue or thread the yellow circle to the junction of the white and yellow stripes.

4. Spread the stripes in a circle and overlap a bit. Connect the free ends to make a flat ball, and fasten with a thread.

5. At the place of bonding of the yellow and white stripes, glue the second yellow circle. So that the ball does not fall apart, we glue the edges with glue in a circle and press it to the strips.

6. In one of the circles we shall thread.

Our Christmas tree bomb toy is ready! Now it can be hung on a branch and untwisted.