Do-it-yourself portable miracle oven from an old canister

Cooking outdoors is rarely accompanied by comfort. You need to collect a lot of firewood, hammer in pegs with a crossbar for hanging the pot, to rake in the heat, etc. As a result, the usual preparation of shurpa or fish soup turns into a complex action. We will analyze the design of a camping stove from a canister, for ignition of which you need only a couple of handfuls of chips and fallen leaves. You can steadily put a pot on it, while it will not be sootted with soot, as on an ordinary fire.


  • steel canister 20 l;

  • square 100x100 mm;

  • furniture hinges 2 pcs.;

  • any unnecessary bolt;

  • heat resistant paint.

Making a stove

Before starting work, make sure that there is not a drop of flammable substances or their vapor left in the tank. Using a grinder, you need to open the canister, cutting its sidewall along the ribs. Handles are also cut off along with the base.

The part in contact with the fire, the rocket furnace, should be made of thicker steel than the walls of the canister. To do this, you need to weld a frame from the square as in the photo. At its base, 2 sections of the profile pipe are used, cut at 45 degrees and welded at right angles. Between them, a grate is made of drilled steel sheet. It turns out that the squares at the junction are separated by a lattice. Another piece of pipe is welded into the inner corner of the L-shaped part, previously sawn on both sides at 45 degrees to get a wedge. Before welding, in the joining place, you need to cut out the window in the vertical profile to get a passage from the oblique profile to the L-shaped workpiece. I took a rocket furnace made earlier and adjusted it to the size of a canister.

In the rear wall of the canister, two windows are cut under the welded frame of the stove.

A slot is also made from above to display a vertical profile. After such preparation, the frame can be laid inside the canister. You also need to cut a large window in front of the canister to get a door into the compartment for storing small items for ignition.

The inserted frame is welded into the canister. After that, the previously cut side wall and handles are welded into place.

The door in front of the canister is welded onto furniture hinges.

For beauty, the canister can be painted.

The resulting compartment can be used for storage of matches, kindling, firewood or a gas burner.

To open the door, a piece of bolt is welded to it instead of a handle. A hook is not required, since on such hinges it already opens with effort.

How to use

We bring the stove to any place we need and just set it.

Firewood is laid in the upper side window.

After ignition, the air coming from the lower window creates a strong draft, so the flame is sucked into the pipe and exits through the window under the canister handles on which the boiler is installed.

Since the firebox is made at an angle, the firewood slides and completely burns out. If you light the stove with a burner, you can achieve a steady fire in just a minute. It is easy to throw firewood into it and easy to clean from ash.