Pillow - a toy "Cockerel"

The New Year will come very soon, a magical holiday involves the exchange of gifts. It can be expensive presents, cute talismans, original souvenirs. How nice to see the delight and joy in the eyes of loved ones and friends! It is important to remember that gifts must match the symbol of the coming year.

The Fire Rooster will rule for twelve months. The image of a bright bird is able to decorate any interior item, clothing. Toys of various shapes look especially cute. A pillow - a toy "Cockerel" will serve as a wonderful gift, while it is very easy to make it with your own hands.

Description of the pillow.

Pillow "Cockerel" is made of soft fabric, pleasant to the touch. Height - 27 cm, width - 24 cm. The pillow is stuffed with padding polyester, legs hang freely, eyes are buttons. A comb, wings with an edge, a bright tail adorn the pillow. The cockerel will fit perfectly into the interior, in addition, children will be happy to play with it.

Recommended materials.

For the manufacture of pillows - toys are recommended to use materials of soft texture. For example, terry cloth (possibly a towel), plush fabric, faux fur. The Year of the Fire Rooster suggests bright active colors: red, pink, raspberry.

Material List:

  • Terry cloth;

  • Red fabric for tail, scallop, earrings (gabardine);

  • Fleece fabric for tail and wings;

  • Yellow fabric for a beak (chintz);

  • Satin ribbon for legs;

  • Buttons for the eyes;

  • Decorative feathers (optional).


1.Print the circuit details, cut them.

2. Cut out the body of the pillow. The fabric is folded in half, face inward, two parts are cut with a fold in the middle.

3. Make tail feathers. Six tail parts are cut out, three on each side of the pillow. The fabric is folded in half face inward, the tail part is superimposed, allowances for the seam of about 1 cm on all sides of the part.

Parts are folded face-down inward, sewn on all sides except the base (the edge should be open for turning out). Details are turned out, stuffed with a synthetic winterizer and only after that the open edge is stitched manually or on a typewriter.

4. Make a scallop cock. First, the details are cut out. The fabric is folded in half, the part is superimposed. A crest is cut out with allowances, in total two parts with a bend should turn out.

The comb can be almost flat or wavy, it all depends on personal wishes. Parts are folded with the front side inwards, stitched apart from the bottom edge. The comb is inverted, stuffed with a synthetic winterizer.

Then the bottom of the ridge is closed, this can be done manually or by machine seam.

5. Fix the details of the comb and tail on the body of the pillow. One body part is taken, placed face up. The comb is applied with an open cut end to end to the upper cut of the body.

A tail feather is applied to the side of the lower body, one on each side.

Parts are secured with a pin.

It is necessary to attach the other two feathers above the first, mark the distance obtained.

This space will be open, through it the body of the pillow will be twisted.

6. Connect the body parts. The first part is superimposed on the second face inward. In this case, the tail parts are bent so that they do not fall into the seam.

Body parts are swept away manually, starting from the upper cut along the side seams to the mark, then in the area of ​​the first feather and a small distance in the middle of the bottom.

A narrow legroom should be left at the bottom on both sides of the middle, these places are not stitched. Only after this the details are stitched on a typewriter.

7. The body of the pillow is inverted through the distance from the first pen to the mark.

Then the body is stuffed with synthetic winterizer.

8.In the open slots on the side, insert the remaining feathers, two on each side. First, they are fastened with pins, then stitched with invisible hand stitches.

9. Make legs. You can use a cord or make legs from a satin ribbon. For this, three parts are cut, the approximate length is 35 cm. The upper sections are fastened, the braid is not braided to the end of the tape. It is necessary to leave a distance of 7 cm, fasten parts of the tape so that the pigtail does not become loose. Then bend the remaining parts inward, you get a kind of foot. The fixing seam can be covered with a bead.

10. Fasten the legs to the body. Legs are inserted into the remaining open sections of the bottom of the pillow, then the seam is closed with hand stitches.

11. Make earrings and beak. It is necessary to carve two details of earrings and beak, the fabric is folded in half with the front side inward, the parts are superimposed. The allowances can be left a little more than usual, since the details are too small, the extra space will not hurt. Cut parts are sewn except one side. In the earrings, the upper cut and slightly lateral cuts are left completely open. The beak is not stitched on one side. Then the details are turned out, filled with padding polyester.

An open cut of the beak is sewn; moreover, it is recommended to stitch the middle of the beak.

12. Make a cockerel face. The earrings are fixed with a pin, the open section must be bent inwards, then sew manually.

Beak is placed on top of the earrings, fastened with a pin and stitched with hand stitches.

In the end, eyes are sewn - buttons.

13. Make wings. The fabric is folded in half with the front side inward, parts are superimposed. A total of four parts with allowances.

Details are sewn, except for one side. Inverted through the left open slice, stuffed with padding polyester. Wavy edges of the wings are indicated by stitches.

An open cut is sewn with hand stitches.

14. The fastening of the wings on the body of the pillow. The wings are sewn with hand stitches. The upper edge can be decorated with an edge of decorative feathers.

If desired, decorative feathers can be used to decorate the tail.

Funny pillow - a toy in the form of a cockerel is ready!