Phone case decoration with autumn leaves and dried flowers

Surely there is no such fashionable woman who would not dream of getting a unique little thing that has no analogues.

Today, original covers for mobile devices can be purchased at any store, but such exclusive models are by no means cheap. However, you can try to decorate the accessory for your phone yourself using various natural materials.

In order to make the original design of the case, you will need:

  • mobile phone case

  • leaves and dried flowers,

  • Super glue,

  • epoxy adhesive,

  • acetone,

  • cotton pads,

  • disposable cup and spoon.

1. First of all, it is necessary to degrease the cover and clean it with acetone (or nail polish remover).

2. Arrange the leaves and dried flowers on the case as you like. Remember that flowers should not be too voluminous, otherwise nothing will work. It is desirable that the application was no thicker than 2 mm.

3.Use all the flowers and leaves with glue. The main thing is that they do not go beyond the surface of the cover.

4. Take epoxy and hardener. Dilute them in the right proportions and heat in a water bath, stirring well.

5.Place cellophane under the cover so as not to stain the work surface. Pour it with the glue obtained. Begin the procedure from the middle of the cover, allowing the epoxy to spread over its entire surface.

6. Let your new case dry thoroughly.

Having completed all the work, you will be absolutely sure that only you will have such a stylish and unusual accessory for your phone.