Christmas toy made of felt

Every year, every inhabitant of our planet on New Year's Eve installs a conifer in his house and decorates it. Do-it-yourself toys look good on fir trees, and immediately stand out, because handmade work is always an original and unique product, created with warmth and kindness.

New Year's toys can be made as a gift to your loved ones and colleagues by attaching a wish for the next year. So, today we will make a Christmas decoration from felt, and it will be a pendant in the form of a small glove.


  • Felt red and white in a small amount (depending on the size of the toy).

  • Threads of appropriate colors (can be floss).

  • Pattern from paper in the form of a glove.

  • Thin satin ribbon 20 cm.

  • Filler (synthetic winterizer).

  • The button is decorative.

  • A small green heart carved from felt.

Manufacturing process:

Cut 2 parts of the glove from red felt, leaving a small allowance on top of the mitten.

Sew these parts with white thread around the edge without sewing up the stock.

Fill the mitten with a padding polyester or holofiber.

Cut a strip of white wind along one edge of which cut a wave, as shown in the photo.

Wrap the glove allowance inward on both sides, sew a white strip in the mitten.

A green felt heart should be sewn to the middle (2-3 stitches).

Fold a piece of satin ribbon in half and sew to one of the edges of the upper part of the mittens.

Sew a decorative button to the place where the ribbon was sewn. It can be a Christmas tree, a snowflake, or maybe just such a smiley face, as in the photo.

As a result, we have got such a charming mitten - a toy that will surely delight and warm you and your loved ones on cold winter days. The toy can be wrapped in transparent wrapping paper, tied with a festive ribbon and presented to colleagues or friends! Good luck to you!