Children's book of wishes for the girl

Every mother dreams that her little princess will have an unforgettable first birthday, that each guest will leave their wish in a special book, so that after many years parents and the birthday girl could take this book and read all the wishes that guests left for a year baby. You can also stick in it different photos from the first birthday so that this date remains with wishes in a long memory. For such an event, there is a special album-book called the “book of wishes”. It can be done with your own hands in any size and color, as well as for the desired number of leaves. Now we will consider such a master class.

For self-made booklets we take:

• 20 * 20 cm two binding sheets of cardboard;

• Two pinkish cloths, take a good cotton in a white bow, and the second with beautiful pink flowers;

• Sintepon;

• Two leaves of pink scrapbook paper 30 * 30 cm;

• Printed pages for photos and for places with wishes, we take 20 pieces, so that in the end we get 20 stitched leaflets;

• A pair of metal rings with diameters of 35 mm;

• Four metal corners;

• Four pink eyelets and they need an installer;

• Pink delicate lace;

• Two photographs printed on whatman paper, as well as a personal inscription;

• Hole puncher;

• Double-sided tape;

• Light pink and pink ribbons with chiffon roses;

• Light pink ribbon with pompons;

• Light pink satin ribbon 25 mm wide;

• Suspension metal crown;

• Pink metal brads;

• Pink napkin cut down;

• Pink hydrangea flowers;

• Glue stick;

• Water-based glue;

• Scissors, ruler, eraser, simple pencil.

To begin with, we will paste strips of double-sided tape on cardboard blanks in order to stick a synthetic winterizer.

Glue the synthetic winterizer squares and get soft basics. Now we need to cut a piece of fabric and lace for each blank to wrap the cover with fabric.

Cut off, tried on, be sure to make 2 cm of supply on all sides. We cut off all the pages at the edges so that equal squares of 19.5 * 19.5 cm are obtained. We take one page with a ruler, and one page with a frame and glue them together with a strip of double-sided tape.

We sew all the sheets together in pairs.

We smooth pieces of fabric with an iron, then we sew them in pairs and sew lace at the junction. Now glue the hard blanks to the fabric with a glue stick. We start gluing from the corners.

In the center, on both blanks, glue on a strip of tape. Now we need to try on the design of the front side of the book. First, cut a piece of paper, then a napkin with flowers, on top of the photo and the inscription.

Paper sizes and photos in the following sizes.

Inside, for the cover we need two squares 19.5 * 19.5 cm. We sew the cover design, as well as both parts of the cover around the edges.

Glue the squares of scrapbook paper inside the covers and put it under something heavy for a while.

Now we make two holes on the cover, put the grommets, at the same distance we fix the grommets on the other.

Dress the corners on the cover.

Now we make holes on all pages. You can also add an envelope for the curl.

We collect a book on the rings. Glue some decorations now and you're done.

Thank you for your attention and all great success!