Tilda "Goose"

Toys in the style of Tilda are always bright, funny and unusual. In my master class, I propose to sew Tilda Goose, a caring mother and a thrifty housewife.

Patterns and patterns

Any sewing begins with a pattern. The height of the doll is 53 cm. It consists of 5 different parts. But only 8 details are needed, since the wing, leg and foot are duplicated. The body of a goose is a square. The fabric for the body is thick cotton. You can use linen, although it is rough, or beige mattress fabric. We do all patterns in pairs.

Head and torso

All the details of the goose body, except for the beak and legs, I made of milk-colored cotton. Beak and legs are sewn of felt - yellow and red. Sew the beak to the head.

Then we sew squares to the neck that will become the body of the goose. Only then we sew the two parts together and twist. Black embroidery floss embroider eyes. We stuff with syntepon.

Paws and wings

The red legs of the goose consist of 3 parts. First, we sew small rectangles of felt to the bottom of the foot patterns. This will be the back of the legs.

Cut 4 identical details of the legs of red felt. We cut off the back of two parts. Moreover, the semicircle length of the cut part should be equal to the length of the rectangle of the back of the legs. Sewed-off parts to the bottom of two other foot patterns.

Now we sew the patterns of the legs.

The remaining whole leg details will be the feet. We sew them with the upper parts with a decorative seam.

Stuff the legs and sew in the torso.

Now we sew the details of the wings. Stuff and sew to the body. Goose body is ready.


We begin to dress Tilda Goose with panties. To do this, we cut four identical trapezes from white cotton and sew them in pairs on the sides. We twist, sew the lace. Then we sew each leg separately to the goose body, where the trunk and legs are sewn.

We make a shirt from one pattern. Cut the neck, sew on the sides of the shirt.

Then bend a strip of fabric in half and make a stand-up collar. We decorate the sleeves with lace and braid. We hem the hem. We make the skirt out of a rectangle with one back seam.

Put on a goose shirt. We collect the skirt at the waist and sew to the shirt. The skirt should be just above the panties. We collect the bottom of the pants so that they look beautifully from under the skirt with a ribbon.

We sew a cap. Cut two rectangles from the fabric. On one side, we sew lace between the rectangles. The back of the cap is a part curved in the form of an arch.

We sew two parts.

A goose dress will adorn the apron. We sew it from two pieces of white cotton. We sew lace around the perimeter. We cut a hole in the middle. Gently bend the edges inward and sew.

We put the apron and cap on the goose. I bent the bottom of the cap and sewed. So that the cap fits tightly on the head, I slightly narrowed the back of the bottom.

We draw a blush on the goose’s cheeks, like Tild’s dolls. Pass the blue ribbon through the collar and collect it. We tie a cap with the same ribbon. Tilda Goose is ready. Such a goose can be presented to the child as a doll or as a souvenir to an adult.