Crochet baby booties

Greetings, dear needlewomen! Shoes, as well as clothes do not happen much. But what about small fashionistas and fashionistas who still cannot walk? In no case do not despair and do not have a hysteria, because for these purposes booties have long been invented that differ in form and material. It seems to me that any mommy has come across such a subspecies of children's shoes.

Today I suggest you make warm booties with laces for your baby or as a gift.

Size of the offered booties: 11 cm on the sole.

So, from the materials we need:

Threads of two colors, I used 100% acrylic of the BAMBINO series (200 m. 50 g.);

Hook 1.7 mm, can be different, but not too thick; A needle with a big eye;


1) First of all, we need to tie the sole. To do this, we collect 6 air loops and knit with a double crochet according to the scheme shown in the picture, not forgetting the lifting loop at the end of each row.

After the sole is ready, we make the lining, for this we unfold and knit the last row - 9 pst. s / n, side rows - 23 pst. s / n, bottom - 6 pst. s / n We break off the thread and hide in the aisles with a hook or needle.

2) According to the above principle and the diagram below, we knit a bootie tongue.

As a result, it should turn out like in the picture.

3) In the middle of the heel, thread the thread and knit 3 rows with half crochets. Please note that the first row fits into the upper half-loop, thus forming a dividing line between the sole and the wall of the booties.

On the fourth row from the middle of the booties, you need to reduce 10 loops through 1 loop.

4) On the fifth row we carry out the connection of the tongue, for this purpose we conditionally select the center of the toe and fasten it with a needle. We knit together the loop of the tongue and the loop of the wall (from the middle of the sole).

5) We proceed to the formation of the back wall, for this we continue the series remaining after the connection of the tongue. Having reached the junction, we knit 1 loop, as shown in the picture.

Then we unfold and knit another 9 rows.

6) The booties are ready, it remains to tie the laces, in this case we collect 90 air loops.

We knit a row of rear broaches.

7) We put the laces in booties with a hook and enjoy the result.

If you want to knit larger booties, you need to change the outsole layout by adding several rows.

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water;

  • Dry horizontally.