Fleece Cockerel

So the year 2016 is coming to an end. Although it was quite difficult for many, because it had to overcome many difficulties and changes, the New Year is always a joyful and long-awaited event, because there will always be changes, and they will certainly be for the better, because it does not happen that it is always difficult. There are always joys behind difficulties, but the cockerel will make us work too. After all, a cockerel, unlike a monkey, is a very serious and hardworking animal. The cockerel got used to work from the very early hours of the morning until the evening, but the monkey, the symbol of 2016, is a rather funny and mischievous animal, which can be brutalized, and then the consequences of all this are quite severe. But we survived, lived this 2016 year, and now we need to meet with dignity the New Year 2017, the year of the cockerel. This animal must definitely be on New Year's holiday, and decorate your home. And to truly be very interesting, you can sew a soft cock on a Christmas tree with your own hands.

Let's start right now and for tailoring the cock we need to take:

• Yellow bright fleece;

• Red hard felt;

• Cockerel scheme;

• A pair of running eyes;

• Ribbon bright pink satin narrow;

• Golden bells;

• Rhinestones chameleon and turquoise for jewelry 5 and 6 mm;

• Holofiber for filling;

• White thread and needle.

According to this pattern, we clearly see how many and what elements we need to cut from the fabric. First, cut out the details of our cockerel template. It includes: two torsos, two tummies, two yellow felt heads, and a pair for beak, a pair for tail and crest, as well as two pairs of legs and wings.

We lay out the yellow fleece and outline only yellow parts according to the patterns. The remaining parts are cut out of red felt.

That's how many different parts of our cock we get.

We begin to sew all the parts in pairs now and fill them slightly with filler.

We get three yellow elements and seven red elements.

Now we need to lay out in front of us all the details of our cockerel and assemble it into a single whole. We put the parts on top of each other and glue with a glue gun. We tie a bow with a bells, as well as a strip of ribbon for the loop so that you can hang a cock on the Christmas tree. All parts of the cockerel were assembled, we get such a yellow feathered friend. You can make such cocks and congratulate all your friends and relatives on the holiday. Thank you for your attention, see you soon.