How to refill a disposable mill with spices

Many have disposable pepper mills. They are very convenient to use, the degree of grinding satisfies the cooks, transparent packaging allows you to control the amount of product. The only drawback is that the devices are non-separable; after using up pepper, you have to buy a new mill. There is an easy way to make it reusable.

What is needed

It is necessary to prepare a medium-sized pot with boiling water, a new packet of spices (the specific name does not matter), a paper towel and a napkin.

Disassembly technology

Remove the lid and dip the mill upside down in boiling water. Make sure that the plastic elements are immersed in water at full height. There is a caution - do not allow severe overheating of the glass neck of the bottle; due to critically uneven thermal expansion, it may crack.

Hold the device in this position for 5-10 seconds, remove from boiling water. Cover the mill mechanism with a napkin and remove from the glass bottle. Hold the bottle in your left hand and pull it up with your right. Will have to make efforts, tilt a little in different directions.

Carefully remove water from the removed nozzle, peel the remnants of pepper and dry the glass bottle. It is better to use paper napkins, they absorb water perfectly and are easily bent - you can dry inaccessible places.

Leave the parts on the table for a few minutes to completely evaporate moisture. The mill seeds must be dry in the mill.

Pour new pepper into the jar, you can use other strengths for the taste of the hostess. Do not fill the container completely, leave approximately ¼ of the space empty.

Leave the mill upright, put on the mill device and press firmly on it with the palm of your hand. Hold the bottle from falling with your free hand. A click should be heard, it indicates that the mechanism has sat down all the way, and the rim has fixed the required position.

With this method, the second life of a disposable glass mill is very quickly and simply given. The device perfectly grinds not only pepper seeds, but also coriander, caraway seeds, mustard, zira, etc.


It will not be possible to add endlessly pepper to the mill. The fact is that the teeth themselves are also made of plastic, and it does not differ in great mechanical strength. Over time, the quality of grinding deteriorates, the purchase of a new device is inevitable. But 2-4 times will definitely fit.