Stained glass candlestick

In this master class, I will tell you how to make a simple stained glass candlestick for decorating a room in the New Year's style or creating a romantic New Year's decor in the room.

You will need:

  • Glass jar of any size;

  • Stained glass paints;

  • Stained glass contour;

  • Synthetic brush;

  • Small sponge;

  • Ribbon and stamens for decoration.

Preparation method:

1) The jar should be washed well and degreased (this can be done with alcohol, nail polish remover, etc.);

2) Take the outline and use it to draw an asterisk. To make it relatively smooth - make a small “sketch” with dots, and then draw the lines;

3) You can add additional picture elements: lines, smaller stars, ovals, etc .;

4) Wait for the circuit to dry. Usually it takes 2 hours, you can speed up this process with a hairdryer;

5) Take the color you want and apply a small amount to the top of the can. Using a sponge, blend the paint over the surface. Do the same with a different color;

6) You can add a few drops of a different color - brighter, for example, red or orange;

7) Wait until the paint is completely dry and tie a neck tape;

8) Place the candle inside the jar and light it. The candlestick is ready.