How to repair a kitchen knife with a broken nose (point)

If you handle the knife carelessly, you can damage and even break off its tip. From this, the cutting object loses not only its external attractiveness, but also part of its important functions. It becomes not very convenient for him to work and not too productive. This deficiency can be corrected by having at hand affordable and inexpensive tools and materials.

Will need

In order to start this work and successfully complete it, in addition to the subject of restoration, you need to stock up on:

  • a small drill;

  • accessories for a drill (detachable, grinding, polishing wheels and abrasive paste);

  • a marker;

  • clamp;

  • combined grinding bar;

  • by the garbage.

Recovery process

Choose a method for restoration of the knife edge. You can remove the metal from the side of the blade. He is thin there and the work will be significantly less. But then you have to re-set the cutting edge, which only an experienced master can do.

We settled on the option of removing metal only from the back of the blade. Of course, here the metal is thicker and therefore the volume of the removed metal is greater, but then you do not have to deal with the restoration of the blade of the knife blade.

To do this, shade with a black marker that part of the metal of the knife that we are going to remove and get the edge of the blade.

Securely fix the blade of the knife to be restored on the working surface using a suitable clamp for this.

With a cutting disc mounted on the spindle of a mini-drill, we remove the shaded strip of metal on the blade. In this case, the spindle speed should be medium so as not to overheat and release the metal of the blade.

We dealt with the main and most critical part of the work. Now it is necessary to process the place of the cut so as to give it the necessary shape and beautiful appearance.

Using the same drill, we process at 3000 rpm the changed back of the blade with various nozzles in the following sequence:

  • high-grit grinding wheel;

  • low-grinding grinding wheel;

  • wire polishing disc;

  • synthetic polishing wheel;

  • a felt polishing wheel, with a small portion of polishing paste (GOI, Dialux, etc.) previously applied to it.

It remains only to sharpen the blade of the knife, using a sequentially whetstone with two sides of different grain sizes and musat in the form of a steel rod of a round or oval shape with longitudinal notches.

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