How to make a duplicate key in 2 minutes

There are situations when the lock is in excellent condition, and only one key remains, the rest are lost. If he disappears, then trouble will arise. Spare keys are made in special workshops, but they can be made independently in an emergency. No complex machine tools are needed, you just need a desire and a couple of minutes of your time.

What to prepare

Find an unnecessary plastic card or Tik-Tak chewing gum package and sharp scissors.

Additionally, you need a lighter, pliers or pliers. The hole is melted with a clove in the key.

Key duplicate manufacturing process

Hold the factory wrench with pliers and a cigarette lighter, gently smoke it on one side. There should be a lot of soot on the surface, do not leave gaps. Soot must cover the entire plane of the key.

Place it on a flat cooling stand. Cut the adhesive tape of the required length and width, firmly press it to the surface of the key. The more carefully you do this operation, the better the print will be. Soot should stick to the adhesive tape over the entire surface of the key.

Peel off the tape key, check the clarity of the image.

Stick it on your old credit card, remove all air bubbles.

Scissors precisely along the contour cut the fingerprint of the key on the credit card. Compare the spare key with the factory one, check the identity. Correct if necessary.

A copy of the key is ready!

Compare with the original.

All the top to top.

A duplicate can also be made from the packaging from Tik-Tak. Remove the cover and cut out the large flat side.

Coat the original key with a lighter on one side. The requirements are the same as described above.

Stick adhesive tape on the soot; do not displace it while gluing. Fasten the tape on the packaging plate and cut out the spare key.

With a hot nail, make holes to fix the keys on the key fob, install them on the ring.

Check performance. Insert the plastic key into the lock and open it. If resistance is felt during cramming, do not be discouraged, as it should be, this plastic bends under the groove profile.


To eliminate the occurrence of unpleasant situations, it is necessary to fulfill two conditions. First, the lock should be very easy to open, the mechanism is new and without rust. Three times - turn the key with extreme caution, plastic duplicates are fragile. If they break in the mechanism, then for opening it is necessary to cut a handle.