How to start a car with a dead battery

Many motorists were faced with the problem of a dead battery. It is not necessary that it is old and does not have a capacity, it is enough to leave the electrical appliances turned on for a long period of time. If there is another car nearby with a cigarette lighter, or the trouble was found at home - then the issue is resolved. And what to do when the situation arose on a deserted road and no one can come to the rescue? There is an original solution to the problem.

What you need to have

A set of devices is elementary, it is in every car. An engine jack and a synthetic towing belt are required to start the engine.

Engine start technology

Tighten the handbrake, engage third gear.

For warranty, it is recommended that stones or other stops be placed under the wheels.

Jack the front wheel, if the car is rear-wheel drive, then raise, respectively, you need the rear.

Turn on the ignition.

Wrap a belt around the tire; two turns must be made. The end of the belt is clamped in a second turn, let's stretch it, it should not slip.

Grip the free end with your hands, if the length allows, then wind the belt around the right hand.

Bend your legs and with maximum effort pull the belt to spin the wheel. A well-tuned engine will start the first time.

Now it remains to get into the car, turn on the neutral gear and remove the jack. Let the engine run a little at medium speed to charge the battery. If there were stones under the wheels, do not forget to remove them. You can carefully start the movement.


With this method, you can easily start only a gasoline engine, the smaller the volume of the combustion chamber - the simpler. Diesel is much more complicated.

And one more limitation - the gearbox should only be mechanical.

There are times when it is not possible to start in the third gear, due to too much compression, there is not enough power to turn the wheel, try turning fourth gear. It is much easier to start if you have at least a wife. Let her squeeze the clutch first, and as soon as the wheel starts to spin, let it go.

Can't get it again? Try to start with fifth gear. It will become easier to spin, but a problem may arise: the crankshaft speed will decrease, which may not be enough to start the engine.