What to give for Valentine's Day? Sew a primitive bear with a heart

Make your loved ones happy with a handmade gift. A soft valentine bear only 15 cm high, filled with love and kindness will always remind you of you.

To make such a primitive gift you will need a small piece of fabric made of 100% cotton measuring 30 x 15 cm. To make a heart, you will need a cut even less - about 15 x 15 cm. You can use a similar fabric, but already in a contrasting shade. Fleece or felt is also suitable.

In this master class, pieces of fabric remaining from previous sewing were used. Perhaps you will find some, most importantly, that they be of good quality.

Fold the fabric in half, with the wrong side to each other. Paper patterns (they can be taken on the Internet or drawn independently) are laid on the material and outlined. Then we chop the fabric with pins, but do not cut it. It is better to do this after we sew the blanks along the contour on a typewriter or manually. Do not forget to leave a small non-wired segment (2 cm), which will be needed in the future for turning and stuffing.

After sewing the parts, we cut off the excess fabric, departing from the stitch 3 mm. It is advisable to do this with zigzag scissors. But if they are not, we use ordinary ones, however we do them near the folds of the notch. We cut them very carefully, not reaching the stitch by 1 mm. You can play it safe and lightly grease these places with PVA glue.

We turn the parts to the front side. This is most conveniently done with a sushi stick or pencil. We straighten all the corners and bends. If the part is jammed, smooth it.

Then we fill the blanks with holofiber or synthetic winterizer. We try to fill the body, legs and heart tightly, without the formation of folds and “cellulite”. The holes through which the parts were turned out and stuffed are sewn with a blind seam.

Sew paws to the body, piercing it with a large needle through. Then sew the heart to the inside of the legs. Valentine Bear is almost ready. It remains only to draw eyes and a nose on the face and tie a satin ribbon bow around the neck.

In this way, you can make various primitive little animals-valentines, adding to them some “zest” - a heart, a dress, a skirt, a bow, etc. It all depends on imagination and desire.