Postcard tunnel "My love"

A postcard is an open letter with a beautiful picture on one side and a text message on the other. Previously, all postcards were standard, only the images were different. Now these paper products have become even more colorful, because homemade postcards have become fashionable.

Try making a postcard tunnel out of plain paper. You can choose any topic. This workshop will help you create a valentine in the shape of a tunnel.

The following components will be required for operation:

  • - 5 white album sheets;

  • - colored paper (red and blue);

  • - a simple pencil;

  • - breadboard knife;

  • - scissors with sharp ends;

  • - compass;

  • - a sheet of paper with a beautiful pattern;

  • - glue stick;

  • - ruler.

We will use landscape paper for paint. If you take office paper, there is a risk that the cut out images will be unstable, will lose shape.

From landscape paper we cut out rectangles measuring 12 cm by 15 cm. In total, 5 pieces are needed.

On 4 rectangles in the center, draw circles with a compass. The diameter of each circle is about 9 cm.

Now in 3 circles you need to draw drawings on the theme of "love." For example, at the bottom of one circle we draw a boy who kisses a girl and hides a flower behind his back, and let hearts be placed on the other two. You just need to draw so that the image at one or more points in contact with the outlines of the ring.

Using a breadboard knife and sharp scissors, we cut out the images.

These blanks are obtained.

On the fourth sheet with a circle, glue a beautiful paper with a pattern and just cut out the circle in the center. The fifth rectangle remains unchanged.

Next, cut 2 rectangles 10 cm by 15 cm in size and bend them into an accordion with a side of 1 cm.

We proceed to the assembly of all the blanks.

On the white rectangle without holes, glue the edge of the accordions with glue stick.

Then we fix a circle with hearts.

Now it’s the turn of the boy and girl.

Then again we glue the circle with hearts and on top we fix a beautiful sheet with an empty circle.

It remains only to cut out a 12 cm by 15 cm rectangle from red paper and place it on the very bottom sheet of the card.

Please note that the accordion creates not only the volume of the postcard, but also allows the picture to be clearly visible.

The background can be changed by inserting a blue rectangle.

This unique postcard-tunnel will be an excellent souvenir for a loved one on Valentine's Day.