Greeting card Valentine "Letter of love"

The most romantic holiday of the year is approaching. All lovers think about how to confess their tender feelings to their soul mate. Passion, love, affection, attraction inspire the search for unusual gifts intended for one, the most important person.

A great complement to any gift will be a Valentine card. Even the most timid admirers have the opportunity to reveal themselves to their beloved. A self-made love message will undoubtedly add charm to the whole gift, it indicates that the donor put a part of his soul into his creation.

Materials for the manufacture of:

  • scissors, ruler, pencil;

  • glue Moment Crystal transparent, glue stick;

  • design paper, the basis for embossed cards;

  • needlework foil hearts;

  • color cardboard.

Manufacturing process

1. The basis of the postcard is the embossed designer cardboard, cream color, A-4 format. Fold it in half.

2. Use a ruler to measure the height and width of the future postcard. The result was a size of 20x14 cm. Subtract 0.5 cm from both values. According to the resulting measurements, cut out a rectangle of contrasting color from designer paper. Glue a rectangle on the base using double-sided tape.

3. Cut another rectangle from the design paper, having previously reduced its size by another 0.5 cm on all sides than the previous one. Glue it with double-sided tape. Use double-sided tape is recommended to avoid deformation of the paper when drying. The glued parts have a more accurate appearance. The effect was layering and bright framing along the contour of the postcard.

4. Prepare the envelope. Choose paper of any pastel colors to the taste of the master. Cut a 6x6 cm square. Fold in the form of an open envelope, Glue the lower parts of the envelope.

5. Glue the envelope by slightly turning it diagonally in the lower left side of the postcard. Decorate the envelope with a cut out glued bow.

6. From paper of various colors and ornaments cut out 15-20 hearts of arbitrary sizes and shapes.

7. Cut 3 red hearts from cardboard of the same shape. Fold them in half. Glue together the inner sides to obtain a volumetric main heart.

8. Glue prepared multi-colored hearts as if they are flying out of an envelope. Glue both inside to the top of the envelope, and the bottom layer, not completely lubricating with glue. Raise the top of hearts. The impression of airiness and layering. Alternate plain with hearts with ornament.

9. In the upper right corner, glue a red volumetric heart.

10. Add a few small hearts with a sparkle in area between the envelope and the volumetric heart.

11. The front part of the card is ready. To decorate the spread, an accordion of 3 hearts will be used, which is revealed in the expanded form of a postcard.

12. For its manufacture, cut a strip of cardboard 18 cm long, 5-7 cm wide.

13. To draw a strip into segments of 3 cm. Fold the accordion, the sides, which will be equal to these 3 cm.

14. Draw a half heart on one side of the accordion. To cut. Hearts should be interconnected by a 1-2 cm section.

15. Glue the edges of the accordion inside the card on both sides of the fold, at a distance of 2 cm. Before gluing the second part, check how the accordion will behave when the card is fully closed and opened.

16. Make a light accent with two hearts in the lower corners of the card’s spread.

"The letter of love is ready." It is attractive because it does not require many special materials. Paper, scissors and glue can be found in any home. You can also vary the choice of color in any desired key. By the complexity of manufacturing and the time taken, the card is quite simple, so for beginners it will not create a problem in its execution.