The picture in the technique of isonia "Rowan branch"

The technique of sinking allows lovers of embroidery to try themselves in a slightly different role. Cardboard is used as the basis for crafts, so the feeling during embroidery is completely different than when working with canvas or fabric. Today you will learn how to make a picture using the technique of sinking called "Rowan branch." All the secrets and subtleties of manufacturing will reveal this master class.

For work, collect the following materials:

- a sheet of blue cardboard;

- a simple pencil;

- awl;

- a needle;

- threads for sewing black, green, red and white;

- scissors;

- A4 format frame.

For work, pick up a dense cardboard in a blue hue.

From the wrong side, draw an image of a branch with a rowan brush.

Over the entire graphic drawing, draw points at a distance of 6-8 mm.

Place dots on round berries especially carefully; there should be an even number of them.

First fill in a large branch. Scheme 1 will help you with this. It shows the movement of the threads.

With an awl, make holes in the dots.

Then go with a needle with a black thread, filling the holes with a seam “forward needle” (in diagram 1, this line is outlined in red pencil).

Then again go through all the points with the same type of seam, just make sure that the thread lies on the unfilled sections of the base (in Figure 1, the movement is shown with a simple pencil).

Sew the points of the branch on which the berries will be green thread. Now use the seam “behind the needle”.

Fill the black large branch along the perimeter with black thread, moving in a chaotic order (shown in green diagram in diagram 1).

Now go on to embroidery the berries. This can easily be done in scheme 2.

First make a notch with an awl.

Then move in a circle with a needle with a red thread (seam “forward needle”).

After returning in a circle in the other direction, filling the empty segments with threads.

And fill the center of the circle according to Scheme 2, Figure 3. Move to the points from the center.

It turns openwork red berries.

It remains only to embroider snowflakes. This is easy to do according to scheme 3.

There will be simple little snowflakes and complex big ones.

Snowflakes filled with white threads look very nice.

The picture "Rowan branch" is ready.

Put it in a frame to make it look even better.

Here is such a magnificent picture obtained in the technique of sinking.

You can teach your daughter this technique. For a winter-themed school exhibition, she presents a very extraordinary work that will captivate all classmates.


- if you want the work to be brighter, then you can stick the branch and berries on cardboard from colored paper, and then sew them with threads;

- on a branch you can also embroider a bullfinch, which flew in to enjoy berries;

- instead of threads for sewing, you can use bright floss or threads for knitting, then the image will be more textured.