Envelope with a heart

1. Such an envelope can be an independent Valentine. But it is more interesting if you put in it a note intended for a loved one. It’s easy to make such a craft if you follow the step-by-step recommendations of the proposed workshop.

2. For work, you need a rectangular red sheet of paper (A4 size) and a glue stick.

3. First, fold the sheet along.

4. Then we unfold it and bend the upper corner on the left side.

5. We bend the right side in the form of a rectangle to the left.

6. Expand the sheet and simultaneously turn it over to the other side.

7. We bend the left part to the right in the direction of the previously made bend.

8. Turn the sheet over again and bend the left side to the fold just made.

9. Turn the blank of the future envelope to the other side.

10 On the left side we bend the corners (upper and lower).

11. This is how our blank looks on the other hand.

12. We bend the left corner to the previously made transverse fold.

13. Turn over to the other side and for convenience we turn a little towards ourselves (90 degrees).

14. In the lower part we bend corners.

15. Now we straighten them, forming triangular pockets.

16. On the sides, it is required to additionally bend the right and left corners.

17. In the lower part we bend the corners a little.

18. Turn the blank of the envelope to the other side and see that our heart is ready.

19. It remains to form directly the envelope. To do this, turn the sheet over again with the other side and bend its sides.

20. The lower part is bent up, forming the envelope itself.

21. We unfold and apply glue to the sides.

22. We bend again and let the glue clutch.

23. We straighten and admire our envelope with a heart.