Toy "Murka" do it yourself

Good afternoon, dear readers. From old clothes and things that are a pity to throw away, but can not be worn, you can sew good toys for a child. These toys will look like they were bought at a store. For example, you can sew a toy cat. It will take three to five days to make a toy, and materials and tools can be found at home or bought in a special store.

Materials and tools for making a toy cat need the following: paper and pencil, scissors, gray felt fabric (velor with short pile), black fur fabric, black thread and needle, filler (cotton wool), beige fabric, small white plastic sheet, artificial eyes, reliable glue and heart-shaped keychain.

Starting work, we draw up a sample of the future toy on paper and cut it out:

We cut the resulting sample into parts according to the shape of which we will sew the toy. Separately from the sample is the lower part of the chest, which we will have to sew between the paws from below:

From another sheet of paper we create a sample for the second side of the toy and also divide it into separate parts:

After that, we apply paper parts to the fabric and with a small portion of the allowance cut them out of it.

The details of the head and body we need to make of velor (fleecy felt), and the details of the neck and tail - of fur fabric:

We need to fold the paired parts, stabbing with special needles, and then sew along the edges:

Now for the future toy you need to make ears. To do this, we cut out the part on which the ear is depicted from the paper part of the head, and based on the model of this part we make four parts from the fabric (for making 2 ears):

Next, we sew a fur "strip" of detail for the neck:

Now we need to sew around the edges of the details of the ears, head and torso, but do not sew until the lower part of the body and leave the part of the chest not sewn:

We twist the sewn parts of the ears out of the wrong side, and then we sew them at the ends:

Next we take artificial eyes and beige fabric. From the fabric we need to cut a small nose:

Having turned the head of the future toy from the inside out, we glue artificial eyes and nose to it with reliable glue, and sew on ears:

Next, we cut four parts from the felt fabric for the inside of the legs. (If you sew parts without them, then the finished toy will have only two legs (front and back), and the toy will not be able to stand. The detail of the chest in this case would not be useful):

We will not stitch these parts outside, but inside. Therefore, we place them on top of the paw parts from the body and the wrong side out:

Next, we need to sew these details.

When they are sewn, they will need to be turned out of the wrong side:

So the body of the future toy looks now:

After that, we can sew the detail of the chest to the craft (its paws and torso) over the edges:

In order to make it more convenient to sew the part, the crafts need to be turned inside out:

Next, we sew a neck detail to the underside of the head of the craft, and we turn the body from the inside and sew the tail to it. The mouth of the toy can be made of seams with black thread:

Now both finished parts need to be filled with cotton:

Stuffed with cotton wool must be sewn together:

In the toy, a tubercle on the back is very noticeable, and a slight unevenness on the neck detail is noticeable. To hide irregularities, you need to make seams by pushing each tubercle inward:

To do this, we had to sew the tail for a while, but after processing we sew it again:

After processing, our almost finished toy on the other hand looks like this:

Now we just have to make a mustache and sew a small keychain. A mustache can be made from fishing line, and if it is not there, you can take a white plastic sheet and cut it into thin strips:

You need to cut the strips very carefully, so that they turn out to be thin and even. And then, using reliable glue, attach them to the craft, cutting off the extra length:

So our craft looks on the other hand:

Now we take a heart-shaped keychain:

We sew this keychain to the neck of the toy.

After that, everything, our toy is ready. She looks like she was bought at a store.