Volumetric satin ribbon valentine

To create this volumetric valentine you will need:

  • - a sheet of paper measuring 10x10 cm.

  • - a narrow ribbon of red and lilac flowers.

  • - scissors.

  • - rhinestones burgundy.

  • - glue gun.

  • - cardboard box.

  • - tape 5 mm wide in light pink.

  • - lighter.

Creating a souvenir.

First you need a prepared small sheet of paper.

It must be folded in half, giving the shape of an elongated rectangle. Having placed the folded sheet with a fold to the right side, on it should draw the outline of the half of the heart. Then, having retreated 15 mm into the heart, it is necessary to draw a second line that completely repeats each bend.

Now with scissors you need to cut out the heart along the marked lines. The result is a beautiful heart that will be a blank for creating the basis of a souvenir.

A small section will be required from a cardboard box, from which it is necessary to cut out the heart using a prepared base.

Now with a lilac narrow ribbon, it is necessary to wrap the created base.

When wrapping, it is necessary to place the tape at a slight slope so that it lies on the surface of the cardboard without wrinkles. Gradually, you should completely wrap the heart. At the end of the tape you need to trim, lightly scorch the edge with fire and glue it carefully to secure.

Then, 15 pieces, each 6 cm long, must be prepared from the red ribbon.

On each segment, it is necessary to process all sections with fire so that the material does not crumble.

Then, loops should be made from the segments, connecting both edges of the tape together without twisting it.

The tape must be fixed in this state by dropping a drop of glue at the intersection of the edges of the tape. Then, from the remaining segments, the same loops should be prepared.

From the obtained loops, it is necessary to make flowers to decorate the heart. To do this, the edges of the loops need to be glued together, slightly laying them on one another.

On one flower, 5 loops are required. The result is 3 red flowers.

Next, you need a light pink ribbon 5 mm wide. From it should be prepared 2 segments 8 cm long and 4 segments 5 cm long.

From them it is necessary to make the same loops as from the red ribbon.

Now these details should be complemented by the created flowers from the red ribbon. To the first flower you need to glue one small loop.

To the second flower should attach one long loop and one short.

To the last flower you need to attach the remaining three loops.

The resulting flowers now need to decorate the heart. On the left side at the highest point of the heart, glue the first flower with one short loop.

Then stepping back 2 cm along the heart, you should fix the second flower with two loops. This flower should be positioned by guiding the loops to the left side.

Then it remains to glue the last third flower, directing its loops down.

Now, from the lilac ribbon, it is necessary to make another loop, which should be attached from the wrong side of the heart, placing it strictly in the center. It is needed so that the souvenir can be hung on a wall or shelf.

Next, rhinestones will be required, from them it is necessary to make middles in flowers. To do this, in the center of each flower, you must first glue one rhinestone, and then another 6 strassins around it. The result is a beautiful center for flowers.

It remains to supplement the heart with rhinestones. They should be glued along the entire free surface of the heart, positioning evenly among themselves.

Valentine is ready!