Master class on making a volumetric heart

The heart symbolizes love, tender feelings. Decorating the premises with hearts of different shapes and colors does not lose its relevance for romantic evenings and holidays, as well as for ordinary days. A handmade heart is an excellent gift option for Valentine's Day, anniversary of a relationship, birthday. Also looks good as a design element of a girl’s room.

The presented product, in the form of volumetric hearts, attracts with its simplicity of the working process and accessible materials that do not require large financial investments. It looks, despite this, attractive and interesting. For the manufacture of flowers, you can use corrugated paper, but based on the price category, ordinary napkins look no worse, but at times cheaper.

Materials for the manufacture of:

  • cardboard;

  • scissors or clerical knife;

  • glue Moment transparent Crystal;

  • stapler;

  • pink table napkins;

  • acrylic paints, brush;

  • sparkles;

  • harness or tape for hanging.

Manufacturing process

1. Draw a heart on the cardboard for the foundation. In this article, a composition of three hearts will be made, one - 30 cm, two - 20 cm each in the widest part.

2. Cut hearts with scissors. A more convenient option is with a clerical knife.

3. Paint the back of the hearts with paints. It uses pink paint to match the color of napkins. In the absence of pink, it can be obtained by combining red and white.

4. Immediately, until the paint has dried, sprinkle it with sparkles. They stick directly to the paint, without requiring an additional adhesive base. We decorate the back if the heart will be given as a valentine, or suspended in the center of the room or on the windows. In the case when the heart is hung on the wall, it is possible to skip these steps and focus on the design of the front part.

5. Leave the heart to dry completely.

6. The front of the hearts will be decorated with flowers. To make one flower, two napkins are needed.

7. Cut napkins into single-layer squares.

8. The resulting 8 squares folded accordion, one side, which is 1 cm.

9. Fasten the accordion in the middle with a stapler. If it is not available, you can tie the accordion with a thread. But this will require additional time and, possibly, the help of another person.

10. Trim corners from two sides. You can, by cutting, make a sharp corner to get a flower, such as a dahlia or chrysanthemum. You can cut it in a semicircle, then the flower petals will be softer, like a rose.

11. Open the accordion. Gradually, gently lift all layers to the center.

12. Fluff a random flower to give a finished shape.

13. Prepare the remaining flowers in this way. For smaller hearts, on average, 13-15 buds will be needed, and on a large one it will fit about 25.

14. Before attaching the flowers, take care of the hanging hole. Make it with scissors or an awl, stretch the tape or rope for the loop in advance.

15. Apply Moment glue to the entire surface of the heart.

16. Starting at the bottom, fill the entire area with flowers. Clay Moment is good because it quickly fixes parts, an important factor for the first use is the first strong pressure.

17. Fluff all the flowers, making the surface of the heart uniform and curly.

Fluffy voluminous hearts are ready. They can be used both one at a time and in a composition of several. You can play with color and size based on personal preferences. Enjoy your creativity!