Picture in the technique of sinking "Birds in the sun"

The isonia technique allows you to create very unusual images. Moving the thread in a given direction, you can embroider such an amazing picture that you just can’t take your eyes off. For those who can sew, creating something beautiful in this form of creativity is not a problem. But even if you have never worked with a thread and a needle, it’s worth trying to create something elementary using this fascinating needlework technique.

Today you will learn all the secrets of making the picture “Birds in the Sun”, and step-by-step photographs will help you in mastering the techniques of embroidery on cardboard.

To work, you need to collect the following materials:

- a sheet of black cardboard;

- compass;

- a simple pencil;

- a ruler;

- awl;

- a needle;

- threads of yellow and white.

We take color cardboard of a dark shade. It is best to use black, and dark blue and deep purple are also great.

On the back (non-colored) side of the cardboard we draw a circle, it is best to do this with a compass. If there is no such tool in your house, then you can use a plate or any other round object as a stencil.

Next, draw a part from the rectangular base to make a square.

We draw points around the entire ring at a distance of 8-10 mm and in the center we draw the points and lines of two birds.

To make the needle easier to pass through thick cardboard, with an awl, you can first make a small hole at each point in the picture.

Now we pull the yellow thread into the needle and begin to fill the circle as indicated in the diagram. That is, we move to the right from above, and to the left from below. The numbers show the steps of the thread on the front and wrong sides.

So the strings should lie on the colored side of the cardboard.

Gradually fill the entire plane of our circle.

Now go to the embroidery of the birds.

To do this, you need to take a white thread and fill out the images according to the scheme.

This is how birds of thread look.

And this is a general view of our picture.

See how organically the birds look against the background of the sun (or moon).


- you can first embroider the birds, and then proceed to fill the sun;

- in the frame, the picture will look even more magnificent;

- if you use light cardboard as the basis, then the birds should be embroidered with black thread;

- when you learn to make simple pictures (fill your hand a little), you can go to the plot images and apply more complex schemes.

As a rule, in this technique, each subsequent picture is better than the previous one. Therefore, do not stop, and soon you will be able to create a real masterpiece.