Homemade Kaleidoscope Cookies

Such cookies always make us remember our childhood, when our mothers or grandmothers were engaged in baking, and we cheerfully cut out fancy figures from the dough. And then they all drank delicious herbal tea together.

This recipe is very easy to prepare, and thanks to the glaze, it turns out to be very fun. You can have fun with your children, or please grandchildren by making such a funny cookie.


For the test:

  • - two raw chicken eggs;

  • - one glass of sugar;

  • - half a teaspoon of vanilla;

  • - two and a half cups of flour;

  • - one small spoon of baking powder for dough;

  • - half a teaspoon of salt.

For glaze:

  • - one chicken egg protein;

  • - two hundred grams of powdered sugar;

  • - food colorings.

First you need to soften the butter. You can do this in the microwave. Spread the butter in a large bowl, add half of all sugar, two yolks and beat well with a mixer or blender.

Next, whisk the whites and the remaining sugar separately, and again, beat everything well.

When the mass has become lush we combine oil with proteins, mix well.

Now add vanilla, flour and baking powder for the dough.

Mix everything well and knead not very tight dough. If necessary, add flour.

Next, we wrap the resulting dough with cling film or cellophane and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. This is necessary so that the butter is a little frozen and the dough does not stick much.

When the tesla has cooled, we get it. Divide in half. We remove one part back to the refrigerator. From the second we roll out a flat pancake about one centimeter thick. Do not forget to sprinkle flour on the surface where you will roll out the dough.

And now you can start the fun part, we will make figures using various molds.

I use special molds made of stainless steel, plastic and silicone.

Further, when the first piece of dough is used up, we take out the second from the refrigerator, and we also make figures from the dough out of it.

Turn on the oven. We warm it to one hundred and fifty degrees.

We take a large baking sheet, lay out baking paper on it.

Oil does not need to be lubricated. It is better to sprinkle a little flour. We spread our cookies from the dough on it. Between the cookies we leave a distance of about one and a half centimeters, so that when baking they do not touch each other.

Sent to the oven for ten minutes. Cookies should not be made very fried, since we will have multicolored icing on top.

We get our cookies.

While it cools, we will prepare the icing.

Separate the egg white from the yolk in a bowl. It is important that it is at room temperature, then it is easier to whip into a thick foam.

Beat the whisk with a whisk or mixer until a thick foam forms.

Gently add the icing sugar to make a thick mass.

Pour the glaze into small bowls (the quantity depends on the colors) and add our own food coloring to each, mix gently. The icing is ready.

When the cookies are completely cooled, apply icing to the surface with a silicone brush.

And leave them for eight to ten hours or at night, so that the glaze dries.

When the glaze is completely dry, sprinkle the cookies with powdered sugar and serve for tea.

Bon Appetit!