Lush flower of the circles

A beautiful and lush flower made of paper can become both a decorative element of a greeting card, and decoration of the gift itself. And it’s not difficult to make it, if you focus on the step-by-step recommendations of this master class.

To work, you will need:

  • - 3 circles of red paper (the size of the future flower will depend on their diameter);

  • - a pencil;

  • - scissors;

  • - glue;

  • - a decorative element for the core of the flower (we used rhinestone).

Our flower will consist of petals located in 3 tiers. However, they will not differ from each other. Therefore, we will show all the stages of work on one color wheel. First we fold it in half.

Then we make another fold in half. As a result, we get a blank in a quarter circle.

We bend one part (upper) to the left.

We turn the blank of the petals and do the same - we bend the upper part, forming a segment that makes up the eighth of the circle.

Draw a pencil outline of the petals of our flower. Shaded areas are shown that need to be cut.

Carefully cut along the intended line.

Expand the circle and see that we have one tier, consisting of 8 petals.

Using the same principle, we make 2 more tiers of petals.

Now we need to give volume to our petals. To do this, we make a small fold on each of them.

As a result, the petals of our future flower acquired this form.

We proceed to join them together. This will require glue. First we impose 2 tiers of petals, slightly shifting them together.

Then glue the 3rd tier of the petals.

It remains to decorate the core, our flower from paper circles is ready.