How to tie an e-book case

You can buy a ready-made case, but, firstly, this is not cheap pleasure, and secondly, books still fail over time, and new models may have other sizes. But the cover is necessary, because the book must be protected from dust, dirt, pressure or shock. It is not difficult to knit a cover; the yarn costs are small. Let's analyze the technique of knitting one of the possible options for an e-book cover. Knitting technology

The main elements of the case are a pocket for a book and a cover.

Knitting requires the height and width of the book. General tips:

  • yarn is better to choose thick enough

  • the pattern should be tight and not stretch,

  • it’s better to use yarn of the same color so as not to mess with the tails of colored threads,

  • immediately you need to determine the method of closing the cover (zipper, buttons, Velcro, etc.),

  • do not use convex solid additions so that there is no pressure on the screen. If you want to somehow decorate a book, for example, for a child, then on the cover you can make a bright applique.

Description of knitting pattern for cover

Rapport pattern 4 rows. The number of loops is odd. We knit the hem as usual. 1 p / We knit all the loops face. 2 p / We also knit the loops for the front wall.

3 p / We go in rapport * from each pair of loops we knit the first one behind the front wall, remove the second from the left knitting needle (thread before work) *, at the end of the row we see one, 4 p / Knit rapport * we sew the wrong purl from the wrong side, remove the second (thread at work).

5 r / Repeat from the first row.

Knitting Technique

The inside of the case should look like this.

Work sequence:

  • we gain the number of loops along the height of the book with a small allowance,

  • we knit two or three rows with a garter stitch so that the edge of the pocket does not bend,

  • we knit the front surface of the canvas with a length equal to the width of the book. For the border, make the extreme loops in front of the hem ones with garter stitch,

  • continue to knit the fabric with a pattern equal to twice the width of the book,

  • to specify the size of the length of the cover, bend the pocket, put a book in it, and firmly sew the top and bottom of the pocket with a needle and thread. We sew just below the edge loops of the cover (f10). The book should fit tightly into your pocket,

  • finish knitting the cover with 2-3 rows of garter stitch for the convenience of the fastener design,

  • we sew or glue the gasket to protect the book from pressure or shock on the inside of the cover. You can use a synthetic winterizer, thin foam rubber or even fur with a short pile.

    You can tie another pocket on the left, and lay thick cardboard or another gasket in it.


There are many options: it can be Velcro, buttons (not very convex), straps with buckle, zippers.

The cover is ready.

In the same way, you can knit a cover for the tablet.