Paper kitten

When telling your child about animals, you should definitely stay on the whales. This is the largest mammal, especially when it comes to blue whales. The kid’s acquaintance with this animal can be continued with the creation of the craft - making the blue kitten from paper using the origami technique.

For work, you need to take a square sheet of blue paper (necessarily one-sided) and a black felt-tip pen.

Fold our sheet diagonally.

Then we make another fold on another diagonal and expand the square.

We bend the upper right part down (to the midline), forming a triangle.

Now the same fold is required to be done on the upper left side.

A crease has formed in the middle, which needs to be straightened and brought out.

The resulting fold must be taken to the left side, and then bent to the right, combining the fold with the middle line.

We turn the blank of the future kitten to the other side with a simultaneous rotation of 180 degrees.

We begin to make bends at the top. But first, we bend on the left side, forming a narrow triangle.

After that, we bend on the right side.

Once again, bend the right side towards the mid-horizontal line.

We unfold the kitten blank on the other side.

On the left side we bend the corner to the wrong side, thus forming the front part of the kiten.

On the right side we tail our blue whale.

It remains to draw an eye with a black felt-tip pen, and our paper kitten is ready.