How to make a magnificent bow for gift wrapping

Presenting gifts is always better than beautifully packaged. And while you can not do without beautiful paper and decoration in the form of a bow. You can make it out of paper of any color according to the proposed workshop.

To make a bow you will need to take:

- A4 sheet;

- scissors;

- glue.

The first step is to place the sheet horizontally, after which we make a fold in half.

After that we do another addition.

Then we fold it in half again, as a result, we get a workpiece folded 8 times.

We unfold the sheet, we see the strips into which we want to cut our sheet.

Carefully cut everything into equal strips, they get 8 pieces.

Divide the strips in half - 4 lay aside, and the other 4 is slightly shortened with scissors (about 5 cm).

We start making a bow with long stripes. We take one, put it in a ring and connect it with glue.

Now this ring needs to be shaped like a figure eight. To do this, gently bend the ring in the middle and glue a little inside.

By the same principle, we make 3 more "eights".

We begin to make a bow. To do this, we just glue the elements just made together at a right angle.

We take one more element and glue it diagonally.

Symmetrically to the previous one we fix the 4th “eight” made of a long strip.

Now it’s the turn of shortened bands, we also make G8s of them, but they turn out a little less than the previous ones.

We begin to stick them on our bow. During this process, all elements must alternately overlap.

At this stage, all 8 elements are glued together.

Now you need to arrange the middle of our bow. To do this, take a cut piece of strip (about 5 cm long) and close it in a ring.

It remains to stick it in the center, our magnificent bow for gift wrapping is ready.