Fridge magnet "Gluttonous Pig"

Fridge magnets have become commonplace for us. This is not just a small decoration, but part of the decor, without which today it is impossible to imagine kitchen appliances. Many collect magnets brought from other cities and countries. Some have thematic magnets. But the most pleasing to the eye are hand-made magnets with meaning and soul.

Today you will learn how to make a funny magnet in the form of a black piglet, which will give households tips on how to use a refrigerator and how to eat foods correctly.

To work, assemble the following components:

  • - 2 cortical plugs;

  • - a bit of thin wire;

  • - awl;

  • - knife;

  • - thermal gun;

  • - marker;

  • - gray threads for knitting;

  • - PVA glue;

  • - scissors;

  • - 2 black beads;

  • - magnet;

  • - disposable plastic plate;

  • - 2 toothpicks;

  • - a sheet of colored paper.

First, pick up 2 cork plugs. Let one be thick and the other a little thinner. Still need a thin flexible wire.

In a thick cork, we sew with an awl 2 holes on the sides and insert pieces of wire 5-6 cm long into them.

Tip: if the wire does not break, then use nippers or pliers.

From the second cork, cut off with a knife 2 circles. We divide one in half - these will be ears, and from the other we cut out a small circle - this is the nose of our animal.

Using a heat gun, glue these parts to a large cork. It turns out the head of a pig and half of the body with two legs.

Now we will use a dark gray thread, we glue it over the body and legs of the animal. The thread is easily fixed on the crust with PVA glue.

Tip: if you want to get a pink pig, then buy a thread of the corresponding shade.

Then with a marker we draw points on the nose - a patch comes out. And 2 black beads will serve as eyes.

Glue a powerful round magnet and a curly lining cut from a plastic plate to the back of the craft. She will imitate the gaps in the refrigerator.

We cut out rectangles from colored paper and write a few slogans. For example, “Stop eating after 18.00!”, “If you often open the refrigerator, you will become like me!”, “There is nothing tasty here.” Glue to each 2 toothpicks on the sides.

We attach the slogans to the legs of the pig with toothpicks.

Now it remains only to place the magnet on the refrigerator.

The inscriptions can be periodically changed to attract the attention of guests to the craft.

Here is such an interesting magnet with a meaning that you can craft from different junk material. Keep it for yourself or present it to friends who have a good sense of humor.