Valentine with roses

Valentine's Day on the proposed master class can be made with the children. She does not require the use of complex materials, because much for her there is in every home.

For work, you need to take a thick sheet of red paper (or cardboard), a pink viscose napkin, a green paper napkin, a stapler, scissors, a pencil, and PVA glue.

From thick red paper, cut out a heart. This is better done according to a pre-prepared template, which will only need to be circled.

We take a pink viscose napkin and draw three circles on it (in our case, their diameter is about 5 cm). Cut out the circles.

Add each circle to form a triangle.

Around the middle, this workpiece is fastened with a stapler.

We do the same with the remaining two circles. Then we turn out the bonded workpieces and get the rose flowers.

Let's start creating leaflets. To do this, take a green paper towel, without folding it, fold it in half. We get 8 layers, from which we cut a strip. Then, from the resulting strip, cut out a leaf.

We fasten it in the middle with the help of a stapler.

We bend one layer of the napkin in order to cover the brackets. On the edges of the leaf with scissors we make denticles.

In the same way you need to cut three leaves. Glue the resulting leaves on a red heart.

Then glue one of the flowers. We arrange the remaining roses and fix them with glue PVA. Our valentine with roses is ready.

It can be a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day, especially if it is performed with a child.