Bouquet of crocuses from corrugated paper

Thanks to this master class, you will learn how to make crocuses from multi-colored corrugated paper and create original floral arrangements. A bouquet of crocuses looks no worse than fresh flowers and will be a great gift for the spring holidays.

  • Yellow, green and purple corrugated paper.

  • Thin wire (copper, chrome plated).

  • Pliers (wire cutters) for cutting wire.

  • Glue gun.

  • White acrylic paint.

  • Brush

  • Bucket is decorative.

  • Decor for bouquets (ribbons, mesh).

1. Let's make a basis for crocuses from a wire. To do this, cut the wire into segments of 25-30 cm.

2. Fold each piece of wire in half. A small loop is formed at the top, on which the flower will be fixed.

3. Unroll a yellow sheet of paper and measure a strip 5 cm wide. Cut 5x5 cm squares out of it. These will be the blanks for the stamens.

4. Cut each blank in the form of a fringe into 5–6 strips, without cutting to the end about 1 cm.

5. Gently roll each fringe strip into a thin flagellum.

6. Heat up the glue gun. Take one piece of wire. Wrap stub tightly around it with stamens, periodically applying glue to it.

7. From a sheet of purple paper cut a strip 7 cm wide. From this strip we will make blanks for the petals.

8. Cut the strip into segments of 15 cm. Fold in half along the entire length, and then in half in width.

9. At the place of the transverse fold, twist the ends of the paper in different directions in the form of a bow and again fold in half. Carefully iron the resulting petal.

10. To create 1 flower, we need 3 petals of the same size.

11. To make the flower more accurate, cut off a part of the inner petal by 1 cm. Trim the edges of the petals with scissors, giving them a drop-like shape.

12. We proceed to the assembly of the flower. Apply a few drops of glue to the petal. Press it firmly against the stamen blank. Then glue the second petal with glue at the same level as the first. Iron the base of the flower. Attach the third petal in the same way.

13. From green paper you can make a stalk and leaves. Cut green paper into 5x8 cm segments. Make three cuts on the long side without cutting to the end of 2 cm.

14. Leaflets are made on the same principle as flower petals. Fold the sliced ​​strips in half, then each fold several times at the bend and fold again in half.

15. Glue the leaves to the flower, forming a green stalk.

16. To make long leaves, cut green paper into 2x15 cm segments. The method of assembling the leaf is also very similar to creating petals.

17. Fold the resulting workpiece in half in length, and then fold in half in width. At the point of the cross-fold, roll the paper and fold it in half again, gently twisting the top.

18. Glue the leaf at the top of the flower, completely hiding the wire.

19. Cover the decorative bucket with white water-soluble acrylic paint. This paint is odorless and dries very quickly. After 15 minutes, the bucket will completely dry and you can continue to create a floral arrangement.

20. Fill the bucket with a decorative green grid. Place crocuses in a bucket one at a time. The stem made of wire makes it easy to fix the flower in a bucket, and if necessary, reduce its length.

21. Decorate the bucket to your liking with ribbons, bows, and decorative braid.