basket of crocuses from corrugated paper

Crocuses made of bright corrugated paper will serve as a wonderful spring decor for your home or office. They look spectacular and may well replace fresh flowers. Crocuses can make a bouquet of crocuses even for children, which will bring them a lot of pleasure.

  • Corrugated paper (yellow and green)

  • Glue gun

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Long wooden skewers

  • Wicker basket

1. Fold a sheet of yellow paper on the table and measure a 4 cm wide strip along the entire length.

2. Cut the strip and divide it into segments 5-6 cm long each. These will be blanks for the middle of crocuses.

3. On the long side of each blank, make vertical cuts, not reaching the edge of about 1 cm. The result is a fringe of 5-6 thin strips.

4. Twist each strip with wet hands into a thin flagellum. These will be the stamens of the flower.

5. Heat the glue gun. Apply glue droplets to the bottom of the workpiece. Wrap it on top of a wooden skewer. Press firmly with your fingers so that the paper adheres well. The middle of the crocus is ready.

6. We begin to manufacture crocus petals. To do this, you need a strip of paper with a width of 3.5 cm.

7. Cut the paper into 15 cm lengths. Fold each segment in half.

8. Fold the paper along the fold line and twist it a couple of times. Get a neat bow.

9. Fold the paper in half again, carefully extending the fold. Try to turn it in one direction, forming a rounded petal.

10. Make the right number of petals, trying to make them the same size. One crocus will need 3 petals.

11. Assembling a flower is extremely simple. Apply a layer of glue to the bottom of the petal and press firmly against the stamen skewer. To the left of the first petal, glue the next petal with an overlap. Cover the remaining empty space evenly with the third petal. It is important to glue the petals on the same level. Then the finished crocus will look very natural.

12. We will make a stalk from green corrugated paper. Make blanks measuring 6x8 cm. Cut the narrow side into three parts, without cutting to the end of the paper about 2 cm.

13. Fold each of the 3 strips in half. Twist the paper several times at the fold, and fold it again in half. Carefully spread the resulting 3 leaves.

14. Apply glue to the bottom of the flower and 0.5 cm skewers. Carefully wrap the blank with leaflets around the crocus, forming a short stalk.

15. Similarly, make the right number of crocuses. A basket filled with flowers or a low vase will look spectacular. You can experiment with colors, choosing even those colors that are not found in nature.