Do-it-yourself man's bills

Among the common and still quite necessary and valuable gifts is a man's banknote. It is a kind of casket so that you can accumulate your savings in it. Each man must have such a casket-denominator in order for him to keep his stash in it, such a solid casket. There are many options for decorating such boxes using the decoupage technique. And today we will consider a master class with the help of which we will learn how to make a bill from scratch from leatherette, and the needlework scrapbooking technique will help us in its manufacture.

For the manufacture of bills we take:

  • A4 binding paperboard;

  • The scheme of the bill;

  • Faux leather black;

  • Synthetic winterizer;

  • Metal magnetic lock;

  • Black gears cut down;

  • Corners metal in the color of silver;

  • Men's scrapbook paper in brown two sheets 30 * 30 cm;

  • Black sheet of cardboard;

  • Pictures with different masculine elements and objects in brown;

  • Adhesive with adhesive tape effect;

  • Glue stick, double-sided tape;

  • Scissors, pencil and ruler.

We begin to work with binding cardboard. We take the scheme and cut the binding cardboard into such blanks as in the scheme.

Now we cut three strips of white cardboard 4 cm wide, with them we will connect all the blanks from the binding cardboard so that we get one solid dense blank. We spread cardboard strips with glue stick and glue them, while binding sheets are laid tightly to each other. Now we draw strips on the bends with scissors so that the binding base folds well.

Now glue on one side with strips of double-sided tape the entire base.

Now glue the synthetic winterizer. Cut off leatherette with stocks so that you can wrap.

We smear the corners on a binding base with glue stick, we wrap and glue the corners of the leatherette. You need to hold it well, but rather put a couple of books as a press.

Now we smear the barrels, we also wrap and glue it, the same top and bottom.

Stitch the entire base along the edge and fold it this way.

Now cut the rectangle from 8 * 16 cm scrapbook paper, take two pictures and gears.

We sew the rectangle and pictures, and we attach the gears. Now we cut a quadrilateral of 20.5 * 20 cm from scrapbook paper.

Now we glue it from the inside of the leatherette base. Now we take the scheme and black cardboard, cut out the inner base of the box.

Inside, glue the scrapbook rectangle and sew it. We also cut strips from scrapbook paper to glue the inner and outer walls of the box with them.

We glue the base of our casket. Now glue the lock at the top, and fix the second part of the lock on the side of the inner base.

The banknote is ready, we insert the corners and here is the result, we get just such a chic handmade box. Thank you for your attention and good luck!