Men's gift boxes for February 23

The last month of winter has already come, February, which brings us another serious and last winter holiday, this is a male holiday called February 23. This holiday is quite serious and responsible, since in fact it is the only male holiday of the year. On this day, it is customary to congratulate your beloved men, daddies, grandfathers, brothers, colleagues with various gifts in accordance with their taste preferences. Now it’s quite difficult to even imagine how you can surprise a modern man with such a thing, but the fact remains, and yet, don’t invent it, but you must first of all please it, but at the same time surprise it. Well, for example, you can congratulate your beloved man, brother or dad with a more solid gift in the form of a gold bracelet or chain, it can be a watch, perfume, an expensive keychain for a car and much more. As far as a colleague, friend, boss is concerned, gifts are already here, of course, simpler, but nevertheless they are also needed, and you need to sit over your thoughts. But do not forget about such an important moment as a beautiful gift box for a gift. This is a pretty important point and should be given enough attention. For example, such a box that will be made with your own hands will look very expensive and solid. Just now we will consider this master class on making boxes with a box for a gift or money.

So, for the boxed class, we will need to take:

  • Black and brown thick cardboard A4 format of three sheets;

  • Men's scrapbook paper in brown, black and dark blue colors, sheets 30 * 30 cm;

  • Template-pattern of boxes;

  • White Whatman;

  • Gears cut from cardboard in black and light brown;

  • Pictures of men with male elements and coffee;

  • Cutting down the inscriptions “From the bottom of my heart”;

  • Brown satin ribbon in peas 15 mm wide;

  • Decorative tape in a gray-white cage with a width of 20 mm;

  • Wooden oval tags with hand made inscriptions;

  • Two metal handles;

  • Brown beads;

  • Ruler, pencil, double-sided tape, glue stick, adhesive with the effect of adhesive tape and scissors.

So for a start we familiarize ourselves with the schemes, there is nothing terrible in them. Separately, on the left is the diagram of the outer box, there are parts from cardboard and scrapbook paper. And on the right is a diagram of the inner box, it will be in the form of a drawer.

We take on a sheet of cardboard and cut out and weighed the inner boxes according to the scheme.

Also from these sheets we still have strips for the top of the boxes, we divide them in half and fold them.

Inside the boxes we glue the squares 11 * 11 cm from scrapbook paper.

Now, from cardboard and scrapbook paper, we cut out the squares according to the scheme for the outer sides of the box. Scrap squares are glued to the cardboard with double-sided tape.

Now we need to cut out the layer from the cardboard, in which the box will move, we also do according to the scheme. Put a sandwich around our boxes. First, large squares below, then the layer, then again large squares and on top folded in half as if a postcard.

Glue the strips of tape on top and bottom of the boxes, as in the photo. Now Sami decorate small scrap squares with gears and pictures.

Inside the cards we glue a Whatman paper to write wishes there. Now we need to flash everything on a typewriter.

We glue the inner boxes with tails and now also with sandwiches, but we collect the boxes for glue. We insert the handles on the boxes and insert the boxes themselves into the boxes and tie the bows. Now we glue the half beads, pieces of wood and the inscription "With all my heart."

Boxes are ready, you can put gifts in them and delight men. Thank you and good luck to everyone. Bye Bye!