How to get a bottle of champagne by February 23

The holiday is on the nose, I want to tell and show how in a short time you can prepare an original surprise for your man. My husband is a radio operator, so I faced a difficult task, but I did it!

I need: a bottle of champagne, glue, a skewer, a matchbox, Iris threads, fabric trimmings (I have 2 pockets from a military uniform), satin ribbon, thick paper, buttons and flat beads for headphones.

So, first of all, I make the station, I glue the boxes with cloth.

Then I wind the skewer with threads, it will serve as an antenna.

Preparing the fabric. I cut one strip of 8 * 30 cm in size, and two strips of 18 * 13 cm.

So, first I glue a long strip just below the neck of the bottle, then glue the bottom with the prepared parts (as shown in the photo).

I make a neck with a satin ribbon.

I turn to the manufacture of caps. First of all, I am forming a headdress from thick paper, and then pasting it with a cloth. Circle diameter 3 cm.

I paste the finished cap on the bottle.

I decorate the raw edges with decorative braid.

To hang the station, I crochet a strap, I only needed 30 cm. I decorate the radio operator's form with buttons.

I turn to the headphones, for their manufacture I took small buttons, a floor bead and a strip of thick black paper. I am connecting all the details, these are the unusual headphones I got!

It remains to print and paste the symbols corresponding to the holiday and the radio operator is ready for battle!

Since February 23!