Bouquet of cowards - an original gift for February 23

February 23 is just around the corner. Most women puzzle over a gift to their beloved man. I want it to be unusual and memorable. Many ladies give their halves underwear. But how to pack it so that the gift is original? Several years ago, bouquets of cowards came into fashion, which to this day do not lose their popularity. You can make such a bouquet in 10 minutes.

In addition to the panties themselves, you will need: thin elastic bands, wrapping paper or mesh, a small piece of braid.

1. First you need to fold the briefs so that they can be twisted in the form of a bud. So that they do not unwind, they are tied with elastic bands or threads.

2. Having twisted the necessary number of flowers (do not forget that their number should be odd: 3, 5, 7, etc.), take a packing net, put panties beautifully in it, then twist it and fasten it with braid.

3. Your bouquet is ready! If desired, it can, for example, be decorated with money or supplemented with socks.