Coffee painting workshop

Many people want to decorate the surrounding space with pleasant things that not only give a good mood, but also to some extent characterize the tastes or habits of people. High-quality artwork is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. It’s not always possible to draw a masterpiece yourself. A way out of this situation is to become familiar with the decoupage technique. A little experience, and you can bring to the surface any plot you want. This work is dedicated to coffee and coffee lovers in the interior.

Materials for work:

  • plywood sheet 30x32 cm, thickness 0.5 cm;

  • scissors, sandpaper;

  • brushes - simple and fan;

  • PVA glue; Moment Transparent glue;

  • white acrylic paint for interior decoration;

  • glossy and matte acrylic varnish;

  • decoupage napkins with a coffee theme;

  • decoupage paper;

  • coffee beans.

Manufacturing process

1. Sand the edges of the plywood blank.

2. Apply white paint in two layers over the entire area of ​​the workpiece. Let it dry for about 1 hour.

3. Cut out the details for decorating the picture from decoupage paper.

4. Separate the napkin in layers, cut out the tilting ornament and strips with branches for the background from the colored top layer.

5. Spread on already dry paint parts for final determination with their location.

6. Apply PVA glue to the wrong side of the paper main parts of the picture. Gently stick, smoothing the surface.

7. Using a fan brush, apply PVA glue to the entire surface of the parts and the painted white part between them.

8. After the glue layer has dried, proceed to the background and the edging. Put a strip of napkin with ornament on the edge of the picture.

9. Gradually applying PVA glue on top, smooth the napkin with a fan brush. Take into account that when moistened with glue, the napkin expands. Care must be taken to prevent creases during further drying.

10. Cut strips of napkins with a pattern of twigs to fill the background.

11. Put them out and glue them in the same way as the edging part of the picture. Drying, they will give the white color a softer shade.

12. After the glue has completely dried, apply acrylic varnish for decorative work on the entire surface of the painting. Optionally, you can use both matte and glossy varnishes. In this product, 1 layer of matte varnish and 2 layers of glossy are applied. Before applying 2 coats, allow time to dry first.

13. After two hours, you can proceed to the final decor of the picture with natural coffee beans. They will become the highlight of the product and give a light fragrant train. Glue the grains with glue Moment Crystal in an arbitrary amount at the corners of the picture and in other places that you want to accent.

A cozy coffee picture is ready. She will delight lovers of this aromatic drink, both in the interior of the house and office. It fits well with the design of coffee houses and cafes. It will be a great gift for friends and relatives. Enjoy your creativity and inspiration!