How to make an inexpensive watering tank

Experienced gardeners know that watering plants with cold water is strictly not recommended. From a sharp change in temperature, they get sick, some may develop root rot. How to solve a problem? To make the simplest tank for heating water with sunlight.

What you need to have

The capacity is made of a sleeve of a polyethylene film, its diameter is 1.5 m, the length is approximately 1.3 m. The thicker the more, the better. Capacity is supported by a mesh netting. The cell sizes do not matter, the mesh length is C = 3.14 × d, in our case approximately 4.7 m is required. It is fixed by wire to four metal columns with a diameter of 50 mm, each height is approximately 1.2–1.3 m. It is laid on the bottom dense material, a piece of linoleum of the appropriate size is great. Water connection requires a faucet, coupler, corner and a plastic tube with a diameter of 50 mm. Polyethylene is glued together with an iron, the film around the pipe is pulled together by two hots.

Process of manufacturing a container

Drill or dig four holes at the tops of the square with a side of 75 cm. This is an important parameter. If you do more, then the length of the sleeve is not enough around the circumference.

Install in the pits of the tube, cover them with earth, control the vertical position. Strongly tamping is not necessary, the racks are subsequently fixed with a grid.

Dig a groove 3-5 cm deep around the circumference, it is necessary for filling the bends of the mesh with earth.

Screw the wire mesh to the posts, leave a margin in length for sewing. Fill the dug groove with soil, level the base well.

Lay on the bottom a circle from a piece of old linoleum, it serves as additional protection against breakthroughs of the film.

Put the sleeve on a flat surface, cover it with paper or cloth on both sides and glue the bottom with a hot iron. In the middle, leave a hole for the pipe.

Insert the pipe into the hole, tighten the film around it and tightly tighten with two clamps. There must be a square at the end, otherwise the film may close the outlet.

Carefully cover the joint with tape. It will prevent damage to the film by the sharp edges of the clamps.

Insert the bag into the prepared guard, screw the tap to the pipe. Spread the bottom, pour some water and lift the sleeve onto the net.

Sew the net, in the lower part, slightly ground with the outer diameter.

Insert the hose and draw water into the container. Along the perimeter, cover the top of the grid with pieces of linoleum, it will protect the film from breakthroughs.

The tops of the mesh are covered with a piece of linoleum.

Fill the tank with water and check that the structure is working.


In the water, you can add various fertilizers and at the same time do watering with watering.