How to make a spinner

Good day. In this article I will tell you how to make a simple spinning toy - spinner. Everything is done very simply, and most of the materials can be obtained for free.

For this we need:

  • Sleeves 5.45 (I typed mine in a combat shooting range, although it can be found at any training ground or ordered on the Internet).

  • Bearing ABEC 5 (Ideally, ABEC 7 was obtained from the wheel of an old skateboard, can also be found in the car shop or ordered on AliExpress).

  • Wooden block (Any hardwood, specifically in this case - a nut).

  • Epoxy resin (To make it all stick together - ideal).

After everything is prepared, we proceed to production. Using a step drill, we drill a hole of the required diameter for the bearing.

We hold the sleeves in the drill chuck and at low speeds, leaning against sandpaper, we start grinding them until the paint is completely removed.

Remove the anthers from the bearing, clean it, abundantly spraying WD-40

Next, we grease the edges of the bearing with epoxy resin, press it into a block and only then drill the side holes for the sleeves.

This is done so that the bar does not burst, because in my case, the walls were thin.

In the end, I still decided to postpone the drill and expand the holes with the help of an engraver to the desired diameter. We glue the shells together (the same epoxy), we also coat the holes in the bar with epoxy and press the shells in. We leave it all to dry for 6 hours and in the end we enjoy a simple toy made by our own hands.