Beautiful card for March 8 do it yourself

So spring came, and with it one of the most beloved, especially by women, holiday - the eighth of March.

If you have not yet chosen a gift for your beloved mother, grandmother or sister, you should think about a handmade gift. Today we will talk about a simple postcard in the technique of curly carving or a vytynanka. In addition, it can become both an independent gift, if, for example, you add a pocket with money to it, or a pleasant addition to a store you bought. After all, a handmade gift is always individual, it reflects all the love and tenderness that you can convey to your family and friends with a small piece of paper.

So we need:

  • Watercolor sheet of paper;

  • Paint and brush (optional);

  • Thin synthetic brush for glue;

  • PVA glue;

  • Sparkles;

  • Spatula for applying sequins;

  • Breadboard knife;

  • A mock-up of postcards made of thin paper;

  • Paper clips;

  • Curly and simple scissors.


As in any work, the final appearance of the product depends on the materials selected. You can take any base paper, but it should not be too thin or thick, like cardboard. The choice of cardboard in this case will complicate the cutting process. Therefore, it is better to take special paper for scrapbooking or sheets for watercolor, which, if desired, can be painted in any color. The layout of the card must be prepared in advance. Print on a printer or draw by hand. Instead of a breadboard knife, you can take a clerical knife, but it’s more difficult for them to cut out small details. Other materials can be replaced or not used at all.

Process of creation

To start, we’ll come up with and draw a layout for the postcard.

We fix the resulting layout to the watercolor paper previously painted in different colors with the help of clips.

We start to cut. Do not forget about safety. We use a mock-up rug or wooden stitch as a substrate.

We remove the layout from the base.

We bend the card, it is not necessary to do it in half.

We decorate the edge with the help of curly scissors.

Using a thin brush, apply glue to the places where we want to see the sparkles and sprinkle them with a spatula. Non-adhering sparkles can be brushed back into the jar.

We admire the result.