Chicken breast chop in batter

Almost everyone can eat chicken, as it is dietary. Many delicious and healthy dishes are prepared from it.

Tender chicken meat is ideal for chopping. Most often they are made from breasts. But this part of the chicken carcass is not as juicy as the chicken legs.

To ensure that the breast chops do not turn out to be dry, they are recommended to be cooked in batter. During frying, a dense, crispy crust is quickly formed on the meat, due to which the meat juice remains inside the chop, and it turns out juicy and soft.


  • chicken breast - 1 pc.;

  • pepper;

  • ground crackers - 125 g;

  • flour - 45 g;

  • vegetable oil - 35 g;

  • egg - 1 pc.;

  • garlic - 3 cloves;

  • salt;

  • milk - 50 ml;

  • curry - 0.3 tsp;

  • butter - 35 g;

  • cheese - 130 g.

How to cook a chop in a batter of chicken breast

Wash the chicken breast, wipe with a paper towel.

Cut into steaks up to two centimeters thick.

Cover the cutting board with a film, put slices of meat on it. Also cover them with foil. This must be done so that the splashes of meat juice when beating meat do not scatter in different directions.

With a special kitchen hammer, beat the fillet to a thickness of 0.5-1 cm.

Sprinkle the fillet with salt and pepper. Squeeze a little garlic over each piece of meat through a garlic press.

Stack the steaks so that they are slightly marinated. In the meantime, start cooking batter.

Put an egg in a bowl, add milk, salt.

Beat with a whisk or fork until smooth. Put flour, sprinkle curry.

Using the same whisk, make a liquid batter.

Dip the prepared steaks in the dough.

Then roll in ground breadcrumbs, which you can cook yourself from dried bread.

So that the breading does not crumble, press the crackers to the meat with your palms. Leave the chops on the table for 10-15 minutes.

Grate the cheese on a medium grater.

Pour the vegetable oil into the pan, heat it, put the butter. You can use only vegetable oil, but remember that meat fried with two types of oil will turn out to be much tastier.

Put the chops on a well-heated pan. On a large fire, without covering, cover and fry for five minutes until golden brown.

Flip to the other side. Sprinkle with cheese.

Now reduce the heat, close the pan with a lid, cook for 8–9 minutes. Usually this time is enough for the chop to be completely fried.

Put on a plate, put canned peas nearby, sprinkle with herbs. Serve immediately.