Decorate a box of chocolates

What are usually given to colleagues or people in appreciation? Of course, a box of chocolates or a tea set. In fact, even such a banal gift can be turned into a masterpiece if you decorate a box of chocolates with flowers from corrugated paper. And then the box turns into a lovely basket with flowers. For such a transformation, we need the following materials:

  • Corrugated paper color.

  • Clay "Titan" or "Moment".

  • Toothpicks.

  • Foil.

  • Vata.

  • Gold ribbons, beads, fragments of braid.

  • A box of candy in the shape of a basket (candy "Inspiration").

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the color scheme in which you want to make a gift. I chose warm tan tones. Next, you need to make a sufficient number of flowers of different colors.

So, we cut the paper into rectangles and cut out the petals from them. In order to make the core of the rose we twist a small piece of cotton wool and glue it to the toothpick with glue. Then we cut out a square of foil and put it on top of a cotton ball, twist it below and get just such a basis for a rose.

This is necessary for the volume of the flower, on which we will gradually paste the petals one by one. From above, on the basis of cotton and foil, the first element should be glued - the core of the flower. For the rose to look spectacular, you need to make this element in length protruding from the center of the flower above the leaves. So, wrap the foil with a long protruding petal.

Next, in order, we glue the petals, pre-straightening them gently with your fingers at the top to give them naturalness.

For our composition, we will make two flowers of different colors. Two yellow, two brown, two yellow with a brown center, etc.

Glue one green leaf to each flower. After the flowers are ready, we begin to draw up the top of the box with them.

We plant flowers on glue. Now that the top is ready, you should wrap the box itself with corrugated paper. Take two colors of paper brown and green. Measure the necessary strips of paper, do not forget, before decorating gently, stretch them around the edges. Glue the paper to the box, drag it with a ribbon, decorate with fragments of braid, and you can also glue a heart, flower or bell in the center.

Use gold ribbons to close the gaping spaces between the flowers at the top to look beautiful.

That's basically it, the festively decorated box of chocolates is ready!