Toy "Bird of Paradise"

Good afternoon, dear readers. If you have old clothes that are not suitable for wearing, do not rush to throw them away, because you can make a new and beautiful thing out of them. For example, you can make a toy from an old scarf and translucent plastic sheets with your own hands, similar to the one sold in a store. A finished toy will decorate the house or entertain the child. I decided to sew a toy bird of paradise:

To make this bird, I needed threads, scissors, paper, fabric, cotton wool, two red rhinestones, reliable rubber glue, two plastic sheets, red, pink and yellow nail polishes.

Starting work, I made a paper sample:

I divide the resulting sample into five parts (wings, tail, beak, as well as the upper and lower parts of the body).

Next, I take the details of the body that I need to pin to the fabric folded in pairs and cut them with allowance:

I connect these parts with seams, forming two parts from four parts:

I sew the resulting two sides over the edges, taking into account the allowance and leaving a small section at the tail not sewn so that I can then fill the craft with cotton. Before stitching the head, I cut out a part of the beak from a plastic sheet that I need to paint with yellow varnish. After waiting for the varnish to dry, I will need to sew the finished beak. Rhinestones may be suitable as eyes:

Next, I cut out the paws of plastic and also cover them on both sides with yellow varnish:

Next, I fill the body of the craft with cotton, and then do a stitch in the middle of the tail, leaving the sides to the right and left unstitched. These sides will have to hold the tail of the toy when it is glued to the craft.

Now we take two strong plastic sheets and cut out the details of the wings and tail from them:

For the lower part of the plastic wings, we cut four parts from the fabric, taking into account the allowance, which will need to be sewn on the wrong side:

Next, we need to stitch the parts on top, but leave the lower sides unstitched so that they can then be worn on plastic parts:

Now we turn the resulting parts from the wrong side and put them on plastic wings, after which we sew them, folding the fabric of the allowance inside. And we will have to sew the resulting wings to the craft.

In order for the wings to remain raised, they need to be hemmed or glued to the back of the toy bird:

Next, we take a small piece of red fur fabric. From it we will make jewelry for the neck of the toy.

We sew this piece for the longitudinal edges, forming a "tube":

Next, glue the plastic parts of the tail:

We color the feathers on the wings of the craft in red and pink and sew on the legs of plastic with jewelry for the neck of the toy:

Having painted the details of the tail with varnish, we glue the tail to the toy, pushing it deeper between the two sections of fabric and curling the allowance fabric inward:

After that, work on the toy "Bird of Paradise" will be completed:

She is ready to entertain a child who loves soft toys: