Eight of Satin

To create a souvenir you will need:

- a blank sheet of paper.

- a pencil.

- ruler.

- cardboard box.

- scissors.

- glue gun with interchangeable shaft.

- satin ribbon of violet color not less than 50 mm wide.

- narrow lilac ribbon.

- a green ribbon 25 mm wide.

- lighter.

- a magnet.

- rhinestones of different diameters of purple.

- lilac cabochon with a diameter of 13 mm.

Creating a souvenir magnet.

First, on a piece of paper, you must draw a blank on which the souvenir will be cut.

On a blank sheet of paper, create a drawing that matches the dimensions shown in the photo.

According to the drawn contours, the part must be cut, resulting in the number 8.

The workpiece is done, then on it you should cut the base out of thick cardboard, but better out of the box.

Now the resulting part should be wrapped with a narrow lilac ribbon. Better to start in the middle. Gently fixing the edge of the tape with glue, you need to once wrap the tape around the cardboard, and gradually move to the rounded part.

Gradually wrapping the cardboard, you need to evenly distribute the position of the tape, fixing it with glue in different places. Be sure to make sure that the tape does not curl, and creases or folds do not form, this will ruin the appearance of the souvenir. Having completely covered the bottom of the base, you must carefully proceed to the processing of the top of the part.

Having covered the entire base with a tape, it must be cut off and carefully singing the edge of the tape, secure it with glue so that it does not untangle.

Now the base can be removed to the side, and get to work with the creation of jewelry for souvenirs. To do this, you need a prepared purple wide ribbon, which must be cut into square blanks, with a side size of 5 cm. Now they will need 7 pieces.

From these squares you should make the petals for a small flower. To do this, each detail of the purple ribbon must be folded in half, focusing on its diagonals, in order to get a triangular blank.

The two sides with slices should be folded in several small folds.

Now, the roughness of the edges must be eliminated by cutting them with scissors, and the new edge must be thoroughly scorched by fire to solder the layers of the tape and at the same time fix the edge of the petal.

The petal can be spread out, giving it a beautiful look.

The result is 7 identical petals. But first, only 5 of them will be required.

Now they need to be glued together, combining into one flower, combining their bases.

The remaining two petals will be used later, they can be postponed.

Next, you can proceed to create leaflets. To do this, you need a green ribbon. Two pieces of 6 cm each should be made from it.

Having picked up one segment, it must be folded in half, dividing its length, leaving the wrong side inside.

With the slices up, the bend should be squeezed with your fingers, starting from the lower right to the upper left, the part should be cut diagonally.

The resulting slices must immediately be scorched by fire so that they are soldered together.

The result is a voluminous leaf. From the second segment it is necessary to do the same, completely repeating each action.

In the middle of the prepared leaves, you now need to put the petals left aside, previously lubricating their base with glue.

It turns out neat buds. Then they should be fixed on the figure of eight from the tape. They should be glued in the middle of the part, directed in different directions, leaving 1 cm between their edges.

The left gap must be closed with the created purple flower, having previously lubricated it with the wrong side of the glue. The flower itself needs to be decorated with leaves and a large cabochon glued in the middle.

It remains to supplement the souvenir with rows of rhinestones. They need to be glued in one row, repeating the bends of the base. Closer to the flowers you need to have larger rhinestones, gradually reducing their size. The central flower needs to be supplemented with two small silver rhinestones attached between the petals.

On the wrong side of the figure eight, in the center, glue the magnet.

The souvenir is ready!