Interior decoration for walls

I propose an idea for decorating your interior. Let's make an unusual shelf. It will be a tree branch. Already interesting. Truth? And we’ll make a nest with eggs, a chick and a decorative candle! And put all this beauty on a branch.

You and I will need: polished rail 3 cm wide, 1.3 cm thick, sanded board 1 cm thick, acrylic paints, building stapler, screws, wood glue, saw.

The meaning of this design: the rail will simulate a tree branch, and rhombuses sawn from the board will be attached perpendicular to the branch (so that they can be put on something).

First, I drew a branch shelf on paper, then I made a branch pattern from a newspaper in real size and shape.

I cut this pattern into parts, each of which will correspond to a certain part of the branch. On each part I wrote a serial number so as not to get confused during assembly. In accordance with these parts, I saw the rail. Again, each part was numbered in accordance with the pattern.

I cut three diamonds measuring 15 x 10 cm from the board. The edges of all the parts need to be treated with a very fine sandpaper.

And then - directly the assembly of the shelf. All the parts, in accordance with the numbering, I began to fasten to each other with glue and on the back with brackets using a stapler. She also planted rhombuses on glue and secured with screws. The loops on which the shelf is hung, I did not have. So I just made two holes (not through), on which I hung a branch, planting these holes on the screws in the wall. Shelf-branch painted with acrylic paint.

I made chicks and eggs from salt dough. To give the nestling an invoice, I sprinkled ground coffee on the dough that had not yet dried. With the help of a knife, she made many small incisions in the places where the wings are located. The result was an imitation of feathers. Then she covered the eggs and the chick with acrylic paints.

I made a nest from bast. Just twisted the "tape" urinated in a circle (not forgetting about the bottom).

I melted three white candles on a steam bath in a tin can. Made out of plain paper a candle shape in the form of a barrel (without a lid). Be sure to cover all the seams tightly so that the paraffin does not leak! Very slowly poured molten paraffin, poured coffee beans into it, poured some acrylic paints. Put in the wick.

She put her works on the shelf - I admire the fourth year already! Join now!

I wish you creative success!