Hair clip from foamiran "Chrysanthemum"

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the girls will soon have the very time when you can do your hairstyles, weave braids or just create a romantic look with your hair loose. Neatly laid curls look beautiful on their own, and if they are decorated with bright accessories (combs, rims, hair clips), then envious looks are provided.

Bright summer accessory can be made independently. To make hair clips with chrysanthemum you will need:

  • green foamiran (size about 6x10 cm);

  • foamiran of any color for chrysanthemum - white, pink, yellow, etc. (size about 20x25 cm);

  • paper or cardboard for a pattern;

  • base hairpin;

  • super-glue or hot glue gun with a rod;

  • iron;

  • scissors;

  • a toothpick to trace the pattern;

  • compass for building patterns.

Using a compass, draw a pattern on paper — five circles, 8.3 cm in diameter; 7.8 cm; 6.8; 5 cm; 3.2 cm

Cut with scissors. For a pattern, it is better to use cardboard (so it will last longer).

Attach patterns to the foamiran of the selected color and carefully circle them with a toothpick.

Detail No. 1 - 8.3 cm (1 pc.);

Detail No. 2 - 7.8 cm (1 pc);

Detail No. 3 - 5 cm (2 pcs);

Detail No. 4 - 5 cm (2 pcs);

Detail No. 5 - 3.2 cm (3 pcs).

Cut all 9 parts.

Now you need to cut the petals from the blanks. To do this, in turn, bend each circle in half, dissecting the bend on both sides, without cutting to the middle.

Next, you need to cut the foamiran throughout the semicircle, leaving the middle untouched.

Each resulting petal needs to be rounded. To do this, without unfolding the workpiece, cut off part of the foamiran with scissors, capturing both layers at once, making an oval edge at the petals.

Perform an operation with all the circles.

Set the iron to “2” mode.

Apply the three smallest details in turn to the heated iron for a few seconds, then remove your hand - the foamiran should fall on the table.

All other blanks need to be processed in a slightly different way: attach the flower to the iron, wait until it falls behind it.

Next, heat 2-3 petals and twist each of them in the form of a boat.

After all the petals have been warmed up, spread them out.

Make green chrysanthemum leaves from green foamiran. To do this, first draw a pattern on paper, then cut it out, attach it to the foamiran and cut out two details from it.

Using a mold, make veins on the leaves. If it is not at hand, this can be done with a toothpick.

Next, attach the parts to the iron on the side where there are no veins.

Hold for a couple of seconds and release.

Now you need to start assembling the hair clips. Heat the glue gun or grab super glue. On the largest circle in the middle, drop a little glue and attach a smaller part on top, continue this operation until the whole flower is collected.

On the reverse side, turning it over, you need to glue the leaves. Try in advance how they will be arranged, and only then apply glue.

On the wrong side you need to fix the hairpin itself. It should be applied so that it is not visible from the front. Glue is worth pouring on a hair clip.

If it is applied to foamiran, then it is highly likely that it can spread and be noticeable.

Such a hair clip with chrysanthemum will appeal not only to little girls, but also to adult fashionistas.