DIY birthday card

An anniversary in the life of every person is not just the date of the next birthday, but it is a round number, for example, 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and so on. It doesn’t matter what date, and what figure, and most importantly, that a person feels himself on this special day some important and noble, since he was visited on that day by the closest, dearest and most important people in the life of this person. So you are going to go to the anniversary to someone, or to a relative, or to a friend, and just can not do without a birthday card for the anniversary. And in order not to be banal congratulating, you need to surprise the hero of the day with something and congratulate him especially, in a new way and with taste. So, a scrapbooking master class will help us very well in this, which will help us to make not just a greeting card, but a complex greeting card for the anniversary of the folding form.

For the master class we take:

  • Pink pastel paper A3 format;

  • Paper for scrapbooking in pink shades, berm two sheets 30 * 30 cm;

  • Free images: orchid flowers, roses, inscription;

  • Felling: pink napkin, white mother-of-pearl and salad leaves, butterflies, hearts;

  • Knitted flowers are white, pink and raspberry;

  • Pink lace;

  • White ribbon with small pompons;

  • Raspberry satin ribbon in white peas;

  • Pearl half beads;

  • Chiffon roses on a ribbon;

  • Stamp "Happy Anniversary" and black ink;

  • Burgundy ink for tinting;

  • White cardboard;

  • Glue stick, double-sided tape, ruler, scissors and pencil;

  • Curb hole punch.

We take a sheet of large pastel paper and cut off a rectangle of 17 * 32 cm from it. We cut it and we will divide it into three parts.

Divide on the side that is large on the part of 8 cm * 16 mi * 8 cm. Divide and draw the lines of bends. We lay the foundation, as in the photo.

From the bottom we measure 9.5 cm and draw lines to the corner along which we cut obliquely. Thus we get a semi-open base for postcards.

Glue on the back of the ribbon cut so that you can tie a bow in front.

Now take the scrapbook paper. From it we need to measure two quadrangles 15.5 cm * 16.5 cm.

And also four irregular rectangles of such sizes. Now we decorate scrapbooking with logging and pictures, including gluing a cardboard rectangle for inscription.

Sew on all the elements that are glued to the scrapbook paper. Now all parts of the scrapbook paper need to be glued to the base using double-sided tape. Now all sides of the front side cards need to be flashed on a typewriter.

All that remains is just a little, to decorate the card with flowers, half beads, cut leaves, lace and ribbons. So we get such a delicate birthday card that will be a great addition to any gift, and believe me, it will delight and surprise the person for whom it was made. Grateful for your attention and many thanks to everyone!