Coffee panel in the kitchen

This panel will be a wonderful gift for all coffee lovers, as well as decorate the kitchen or workplace of a true coffee lover.

  • The frame is wooden.

  • Sackcloth.

  • Plastic bottle 1.5 l.

  • Gouache paint is dark brown ("chocolate").

  • White acrylic paint.

  • Thick cardboard.

  • Coffee beans.

  • Dried slices of citrus.

  • Star anise.

  • Cinnamon sticks.

  • Glue gun.

1. Let's make a basis for a panel. To do this, cut a blank from a thick cardboard to the size of the frame. Pick up a piece of burlap slightly larger than the frame.

2. Preheat the glue gun. Apply glue along the edge of the cardboard blank and glue the burlap to it.

3. Apply glue to the inside of the frame. Insert the cardboard blank into the frame and press firmly.

4. Using scissors, trim the excess burlap along the edges.

5. At the top of the plastic bottle, draw the outline of the cup of the desired size. Carefully cut the workpiece.

6. Open the plastic blank with white acrylic paint. Leave in a warm place until dry.

7. Open a small piece of thick cardboard (approximately 15x7 cm) with brown gouache.

8. From the cardboard, cut out the substrate for the cup to the size of the plastic blank and the blank for the saucer.

9. Cover the blank of the cup with a layer of brown paint, completely painting over white acrylic.

10. Apply glue to the side surfaces of the plastic blank and stick to the backing. Glue the workpiece-saucer from below.

11. We begin to glue the cup with coffee beans. Apply a layer of glue to a small area of ​​the workpiece. Spread the grains in even rows, trying to minimize the gaps between them.

12. Lastly, glue the saucer over the grains. The lower part of the saucer on the panel will be almost invisible, so it can be pasted over with fragments of coffee beans.

13. Place the cup on the panel, select the optimal location and stick it to the burlap.

14. For cup decor, you can use dried citruses, cinnamon, star anise, burlap bows.

15. Place the dried orange inside the cup. Glue a few sticks of cinnamon. A slice of lemon can be placed on a saucer.

16. Fill the empty space at the top of the panel with patterns of coffee beans, glue star anise stars.

17. Put the handle of the cup out of the coffee beans and gently glue it.